2008 Goldratt Webcast Series

The Goldratt Webcast Series 2008

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Overview of The Goldratt Webcast Series            

Starting February 2008 Eli Goldratt will deliver a series of special webcasts. The first series, starting on Feb 13, 2008 is on Critical Chain Project Management.  This first series, consisting of 5 sessions, contains significant information about Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) with a focus on implementing this methodology throughout an organization in such a way that astounding bottom-line results can be achieved.

For more than 20 years,
Dr. Eli Goldratt has developed a series of strategies and tactics to applying his Theory of Constraints (TOC) to different settings of the human and business context. The experience gathered in between has become a set of pragmatic methods based on TOC to achieve dramatic results within a very short timeframe – frequently defying common sense and almost always common business practice. The webcast will be made available to the public through area specific series of programs, each of which is referred to as WEBCAST SERIES, the first of these being CRITICAL CHAIN PROJECT MANAGEMENT (CCPM), which will start February 13, 2008.

Benefits of the Goldratt Webcast Series:

  • First-hand, previously unreleased knowledge.  Eli Goldratt presents implementing Critical Chain Project Management using the level 5 Strategy & Tactics trees.
  • Specific implementation steps form immediate applicability
  • Complimentary membership to the TOC Club

For each Webcast you have the choice of viewing the webcast live or rebroadcast.  The live option is only available during the live recording.  However, you can purchase a link at anytime and watch the Webcast rebroadcast.  For the viewing details, click on the Series your interested in.  For details on the CCPM Webcast, click here.     

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