Critical Chain Project Management

2008 Goldratt Critical Chain Project Management Webcast

A private faciliation of this Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Webcast is a great way to get buy-in from your team as a start to implementing Critical Chain Project Management.  For a FREE excerpt of the CCPM Webcast click here.

There are a number of options for viewing the CCPM Webcast.  The LIVE sessions have ended, but there are a number of rebroadcast options.  Here is a summary of each option and below this table are more details on each.  






1.  Purchase a Link

·        one site


Your PC/ Your location

Watch Re-Broadcast

You.  Can purchase help by hour or day if needed.

2. Group Viewing

·        individual


Denver at the Science of Business Training Center

3845 Forest St. 80207

Science of Business*

3. Facilitated Private Re-Broadcast

·        includes link (Opt 1)

·        unlimited attendees

·        full day including facilitation of how it applies to you

·        includes modification of S&T for YOUR Company

$22,500 plus T&L

*BEST VALUE if you’re serious!

Your PC/ Your location

You select among available time slots. 

5 one day sessions over 8 weeks

Science of Business

All options are for all five 2.5 hour REBROADCAST sessions.

Option 1:  Purchase a link – $2500 

This broadcast will be US$ 2500 for the series for a single computer login password. Each session is available for viewing for 2 weeks from the time you first click on the session.  


One password will allow one computer (at a time, at one site only) to access each of the 5 sessions.  There is no limit to how many viewers may be watching the webcast with your password, but only one computer may use the password to access the program at any given point in time.


What’s included in with Option 1 for $2500?            

  • There are five 2.5 hour sessions in this Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Webcast for $2500.    The Webcast was done by Dr Eliyahu M Goldratt, the founder of Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Project Management.
  • Price includes a password to activate one computer for the LIVE webcast and enable viewing for the recorded version on the internet at one site.  

    PURCHASE A LINK by clicking on the banner in the left column. 


If you would like to hire us as your facilitator for one or all sessions, please call. 


Option 2 – Group Viewing $500 per person in DENVER

*Options 2 is for a group session in Denver at the Science of Business Training Center.  All Sessions start at 9 am Denver time and end at noon.  There are currently no sessions scheduled.  Please contact us if your interested in attending a group session. 


If you’re in DENVER and would like to watch the CCPM Series on the Science of Business link, you are welcome to attend.  $500 per person for all five of the 2.5 hour sessions.  We can only host up to 25 people in the Science of Business Training Center, so let us know of you’re interested and we will put a session together.  


Watch the webcast with Science of Business on our extra large screen and we will be your expert facilitators to ensure you get all the key points!


Sessions Group viewing session will be scheduled if we have 6 individual attendees. 


You can reserve your seat by email (, phone (303-909-3343) or fax (303-362-7353).  Please let us know how many seats you want to reserve and your email address.  We will send you an invoice by email.  You can pay by the method of your choice. 


Option 3 – Facilitated PRIVATE Re-Broadcast $22,500 **BEST VALUE**


We schedule 5 full day sessions and in addition to the webcast we discuss how/if it applies to you. We modify the S&T tree for your specific situation. 


You can have as many people as you like attend, but we recommend the sessions be top management strategic sessions.  We will schedule your 5 days at mutually convenient times.  


Benefits of a Facilitated PRIVATE Re-Broadcast include:

·        All the benefit from purchasing a link (Option 1 above), plus

·        We provide the facilitation, so you GET how this applies to you

·        Facilitation specific to your company.  We will do some data collection and analysis ahead of time to highly customize your experience.

·        We will facilitate your topic management buying in and creating YOUR specific strategy and tactics for achieving your goals.

·        You will have YOUR roadmap for IMPLEMENTING what Dr Goldratt will be discussing.


You pay a flat fee of $22,500 plus T&L for your Science of Business expert facilitators.  You can reserve your dates by email (, phone (303-909-3343) or fax (303-362-7353).  Please let us know your email address.  We will send you an invoice by email.  You can pay by the method of your choice. 




For as little as $500 you can enjoy all five sessions of Dr Goldratt’s CCPM Webcast. 


If you did not find an option that is a perfect fit for you, please call. 


Recommended reading prior to these sessions:


  • Critical Chain by Dr Goldratt – order in the left column 
  • Projects in Less Time by Mark Woeppel (this is a great companion book to Critical Chain) – order in the left column
  • Insights on Projects by Dr Goldratt – order in the left column.

Also watch the free videos under FREE Stuff, Free Videos & Audios. 

CCPM Webcast Testimonials

“GWS has helped me by providing the right context for key changes that impact speed and effectiveness of CCPM implementations. The fact that Eli himself delivers the sessions brought all senior managers on the table, thus providing the right forums where these decisions were taken. In most cases, the real obstacles stood out to the whole team, which could be then tackled more effectively than before.”

Manoj Agarwal, Managing Director, Thru-Put Management Systems Private Limited.
“The webcast got rave reviews from our team, and they have decided to expand the viewing by more than double the original audience. I really appreciate all the hard work the entire team put in. I am always impressed with the high level of quality and responsiveness that the Goldratt team demonstrates, and this is further tremendous testament to the incredible work you do.”
Brendan Florez, Executive Team Consultant
“I have bought your very interesting web based training about the critical chain methodology:
amazing and so true!”
Williams Billiotte, Autoliv
“The CCPM Web Cast gave me enough details and confidence to begin to facilitate implementation of the process right away. I particularly enjoyed the many examples and stories of how operations have overcome barriers to its implementation. It is always enjoyable to hear Eli speak and discuss his experiences. More feedback on future initiatives and lessons learned would be greatly appreciated.”

Bryan McNamara, P. Eng.

“The GWS on CCPM was extraordinary! Our senior Project Managers met from 7am to 10am for 10 weeks to watch the webcasts and discuss how and if it would apply in our environment. Our company is a marketing agency specializing in data-driven personality-based marketing programs – much different from most companies currently implementing CCPM – but from the beginning it was obvious that this solution could apply to us as well. Thanks to the webcasts, we have gotten buy-in from most of senior management, and are talking with Realization Technologies (a fantastic company) about helping with our CCPM implementation. The webcasts were exceptionally clear, with Dr. Goldratt being both brilliant and entertaining. These webcasts are highly recommended to demonstrate the power of clear, systematic thought.”

Brendan Florez, Rosetta

“GWS for the first time presented accumulated knowledge not only on CCPM as a direction of the solution, but explained all the logic of all the necessary and sufficient conditions for implementing it. It enabled us to show to our customers, that CCPM is not pie in the sky, but can be done, and how it must be done.”

Audrius Vasiliauskas, Consultant

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