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Marketing and Sales Constraint Assessment Webinar — the 5 books mentioned

Want the 5 sales and marketing books that I recommend most?  Here they are all together.  Whether you have already been through a Mafia Offer Boot Camp or you haven’t decided, these books are a must read to truly understand sale and marketing from the Theory of Constraint perspective.  You can buy one or all five.  To purchase all five just click the “add to cart” button below.  If you just want one, use the buttons in the left hand column on this page.

I recommend you read “Achieving a Viable Vision” before the boot camp and all the others AFTER the boot camp.

Power to Get In

by Michael Boylan

Extraordinary Guarantees

by Christopher Hart

Achieving a Viable Vision

by Dr Lisa Lang


Cash Machine Using Theory of Constraints for Sales Management

by Richard Klapholz and Alex Klarman


Reengineering the Sales Process

by Justin Roff-Marsh

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