Thinking Process Course

2008 Spring & Fall Thinking Process Courses

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 Are you frustrated with your attempts to solve the problems that plague your organization? Do you want to lead your organization to higher levels of performance, but aren’t sure where to start and how to make it happen?

Who Should Attend?

 Executives who are too busy working in the business, and want to step back and spend quality time working on their business.

Military Leaders who want to build a synchronized strategic plan to guide their efforts.

Change Managers and those charged with implementing significant changes within their organization.

Spring 2008

Week 1 Module 1 :  March 31—April 3

Week 2 Module 2 & 3 :  April 21— April 25 

Fall 2008

Week 1 Module 1 :  Sept 22 — 25

Week 2 Module 2 & 3 :  Oct 6 — 9

$7,500 / civilian

$5,000 / military personnel

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mailto:[email protected]

The Strategic Thinking Process has evolved from the work of acclaimed business guru Eli Goldratt, creator of The Theory of Constraints (TOC). In this 8 Day Workshop you will learn the process and tools that he used to develop and implement breakthrough solutions with clients around the world.

 The Thinking Process Model gives you the ability to analyze and understand the various issues your organization is facing, and, more importantly, to uncover the interdependent connections that exist between those issues.   With this insight, and with the TP toolkit, you will have the skill to generate powerful solutions that you have never previously considered. And finally, the Model includes a set of processes that lead to the construction of a robust roadmap to implementing the changes that you are initiating.

The Thinking Process Program isn’t for dealing with isolated problems. Eli Goldratt developed the TP to solve systemic problems. At the system level, dramatic improvements require dramatic changes. Sustainable change evolves from developing well thought out solutions, and building a viable, cohesive, believable plan to implement them.

This workshop delivers learning through lecture, individual work on your own subject matter, and group reviews of the participants’ efforts.

 Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will receive a Thinking Process Certificate of Recognition from the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO). Additionally, attendees will have fulfilled Phase I requirements for becoming a TOCICO Certified Thinking Process Practitioner.