Focus Leverage

Applying Theory of Constraints focus & leverage to YOUR bottomline!

The Science of Business is a Goldratt Theory of Constraints (TOC) consulting business specializing in the application of scientific principles to business. We use scientific methods and principles to help you maximize your cash flow and profitability! It’s science applied to your bottom-line!

Science is about FOCUS and LEVERAGE. If you focus on what’s important and leverage your resources where they can have the largest impact, the results are quick and substantial.  We use Theory of Constraints as the focusing mechanism and then Lean and Six Sigma tools to leverage.


Our philosophy is simple – we have inexpensive coaching programs to guide clients step-by-step on where to focus and how to leverage for huge bottomline results.  Our results oriented approach based on Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints is driven by helping clients to FOCUS on what’s necessary to achieve the results they are after and to LEVERAGE their existing resources to achieve those results. Most often clients are able to achieve more with their current resources.

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to ensure transfer of skills and lasting changes. Our coaching programs are our most popular programs.  They are inexpensive and yet guide you step-by-step on exactly what YOU need to do to customize the Theory of Constraints and/or Lean solutions specifically for your company. 

We also offer on-site and 100% results based consulting.  If you have read The Goal, It’s Not Luck, Critical Chain, Necessary But Not Sufficient, Throughput Accounting, Manufacturing at Warp Speed and want similar results but ONLY pay if you get them.  You have found the right place.  This is the place for Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints and YOUR results.

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