Our Values

As Theory of Constraints (TOC) consulting professionals, we believe

  • in targeting the weakest link by focusing on the limiting resource
  • in consulting engagements with the biggest impact for the least cost
  • in getting paid based on results whenever possible
  • in enabling self sufficiency of the client
  • that no one should get hurt, there should always be win-win solutions

The Science of Business is a global enterprise devoted to delivering improved bottom line results through the successful implementation of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Science of Business is led by “Dr Lisa“ Lang, a reknown TOC Expert.  The Science of Business brings together the best TOC resources from the 300 around the world to achieve the best results for our clients.

For over 7 years, Science of Business has been implementing its methodologies in an ever-widening array of industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, defense, distribution, education, healthcare, manufacturing, services, semiconductor, technology, and telecommunications.  Science of Business is in continual demand to guide organizational leadership teams in the rapid achievement of bottom line results from TOC-based strategic, business, logistical and interpersonal solutions. That’s probably because we offer a 100% results based consulting option.  That’s right, you pay a 50% commission on your profit above and beyond what you would do on your own.  So if we don’t help you to increase your profits, then you don’t pay.

That may sound to good to be true but we are careful in selecting our clients.  We are looking for good companies lead by good people to enter into a win-win relationship with.  So we don’t offer the 100% results based option to just anybody.

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