I have given my 3 hour Maximizing Profitability the Theory of Constraints (TOC) Way over 200 times. I’ve shortened it to an hour for various keynotes and I’ve delivered to more Vistage groups than I can remember.

Last year one Vistage group asked me to turn it into a 2 day intensive how to workshop. So I did and it was a success. The companies who participated received great value as we discussed THEIR financials and how they could increase their profits.

Until now, I have not repeated that 2 day event. For me, it’s an absolutely exhausting 2 days. I make sure that every company gets multiple ah ha’s and has a plan for increasing their profits over the next 12 months and beyond.

ONE LAST TIME — I have agreed to donate my time and deliver this 2 day intensive how-to lab one last time. It will be limited to 10 companies and each company is encouraged to bring all their key resources.

I’m doing this as part of an upcoming TOCICO (Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization) event. Here’s the promo on it:


Are you are frustrated with your profit level and tired of playing Whac-A-Mole? Do you know how, why, and where you make money in your business?

 Do you want to discover how to LEVERAGE your existing resources using the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to maximize profitability?

 In this 2 day intensive HOW-TO lab, we’ll work with YOUR financials and specific situation to not just learn, but APPLY these concepts to YOUR business.

During the Maximizing Profitability the TOC Way Lab …

  • We’ll discuss constraints and you’ll identify YOUR strategic constraint.
  • You’ll learn how to leverage your constraint and existing resources to drive profitability.
  • You’ll understand your capacity and what rate of Throughput margin you need to break even and then to meet YOUR profitability goals.
  • You’ll practice applying the 4 TOC profitability metrics and 3 decision rules to YOUR business to make decisions aligned with your profitability goals.
  • You’ll learn how operations, sales/marketing and financials are interconnected and how you can use this to create a competitive advantage and Mafia Offer to drive profits.
  • We will restate YOUR traditional financials in Throughput Accounting terms. (Bring your financials and the details of any decisions you’re considering.)
  • And much more: T/CU, DBR, Replenishment, Pricing, Project Mgt;

Expect many ah-ha moments about your business and be ready to take action!

 About “Dr. Lisa” Lang

Dr Lisa, the President of Science of Business, is a renowned TOC Expert and the foremost expert in the world for applying TOC to marketing. Dr. Lisa focuses on maximizing profitability and cash flow. Her approach is global and holistic, insisting on tying all “improvement” projects to bottom-line results. She consults with executives in a variety of industries to put their companies on a process of ongoing improvement, addressing both internal and external constraints to profitable growth. She is the inventor of the Mafia Offer Boot Camp.

About Brad Stillahn

Brad is the foremost expert in the world for applying the Theory of Constraints to pricing. Using TOC he took his company to a 20% ROS and then became an owner-investor instead of a owner-operator. Finally, he sold the company for a nice profit. He is a Certified Exit Planner (CExP), as well as a TOC Expert. He runs the advisory boards for all Science of Business clients.

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