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Maximizing Profitability with Theory of Constraints EVENTS

Attend one of the FREE sessions in Denver, click here for the upcoming events and registration instructions.  These events are replacing Dr Goldratt’s Viable Vision events.

Or, watch a previoulsy recorded event on-line.

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TEC/Vistage Speeches in U.S.

January 2009    
06-Jan-2009  CE 3119   Cincinnati, OH        
07-Jan-2009  Key 934   Cincinnati, OH        
08-Jan-2009  CE 327   Cincinnati, OH        
14-Jan-2009  CE 12   San Diego, CA        
15-Jan-2009  Key 720   San Diego, CA        
February 2009    
10-Feb-2009  CE 530   Sacramento, CA        
11-Feb-2009  Key 711   Sacramento, CA        
May 2009    
12-May-2009  CE 116   New Orleans, LA        
13-May-2009  CE 314   Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN        
14-May-2009  CE 315   Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN        
20-May-2009  Key 760   Chicago, IL        
21-May-2009  CE 429   Chicago, IL        
June 2009    
16-Jun-2009  Key 935   San Jose, CA        
17-Jun-2009  CE 4   San Jose, CA        
October 2009    
20-Oct-2009  CE 196   Seattle, WA        
21-Oct-2009  Key 9053   Seattle, WA        

Other Speeches

November 1 – 4, 2008 TOCICO Keynote.  Register at

Title:  Achieving Success with a Mafia Offer – Lessons Learned



Imagine that you have implemented DBR and operations is humming. You have achieved 100% due date performance and you have uncovered a minimum of 50% capacity — But you can not sell this capacity! 

This speech will reveal the typical problems and challenges that arise and the solutions that have worked. These problems and solutions will be revealed along with detailed examples so that the audience can consider their biggest limitation to increasing sales. 

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