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Maximizing Profitability Workshop

Are you are frustrated with your profit level and tired of playing Whac-A-Mole?  Do you know how, why, and where you make money in your business?

Do you want to discover how to LEVERAGE your existing resources using the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to maximize profitability?

The only way to gain access to Maximizing Profitability was to travel to one of Dr Lisa’s workshops.  But now you can participate in Maximizing Profitability ONLINE. 

During this intensive HOW-TO 3 hour workshop …

  • You’ll learn how to leverage your constraint and existing resources to drive profitability
  • You’ll understand how to make product/service mix and investment decisions to maximize profitability.
  • You’ll practice applying the 4 TOC profitability metrics and 3 decision rules to YOUR business to make decisions aligned with your profitability goals.
  • You’ll learn how operations, sales/marketing and financials are interconnected and how you can use this to create a competitive advantage and Mafia Offer to drive profits.
  • And much more!  Expect at least 3 ah-has about your business that will change your life!

Maximizing Profitability includes:

  •  3 hour video workshop divided into 3 parts
  • Detailed workbook (77 pages)
  • Quick Reference Guide (2 pages)
  • BONUS material



For a limited time, included with your workshop is a free Q&A session to make sure you can apply all the ah-has to YOUR business!

Maximizing Profitability Reviews

Here’s what some of the over 1000 people who’ve attended the workshop said:

Your presentation of the concepts was the best I have ever seen.

Elaine Frost, Theory of Constraints Expert & Consultant

You are the best speaker we have had this year!  Keep it up!

Tim Devore, Florida

In today’s time of competitive change, the challenge of managing the real measure of business success, throughput, is critical. Dr. Lisa Lang is one of a handful of experts in the field of Constraint Management theory who is able to help CEO’s grasp these critical concepts. More importantly, Dr. Lisa skillfully guides you to develop your individual, strategic first steps in the process. Six month after hearing Lisa’s presentation, over half of my group are still implementing her suggestions. She comes with my highest recommendations.

Jean Maxwell, Denver

Excellent presentation yesterday – engaging, accessible, interesting, well paced, paid attention to the attendee’s interests and engaged them in the program.  This was the freshest and most useful presentation we’ve had this year …

John Cotter

I had been introduced to Theory of Constraints in Graduate School, but I never effectively bridged it from textbook into my organization.  Lisa’s presentation provided our group with a crash course on the theory and more importantly showed us how it could impact decision-making in our companies…

Bill Heinz

I had been interested in and studying the Theory of Constraints for a year before Lisa’s presentation. She was not only dead on target but helped me understand the subject matter more completely. Instead of a dull rehash, it was a riveting dash through new material.

Henry Camp

I really appreciated your presentation to our group yesterday. You are the first speaker I have heard in 5 years who I thought could really help change our business.

Howard Katz, San Diego

Thank you for your presentation and showing us how these principles apply in the “real” business world.  These theories provide a unique way of viewing our business and the financial impact of decisions.  Your understanding and experience of applying these principles to actual businesses is refreshing.

Billy Brewer, Louisville

Thanks again for that great talk last week on Maximizing Profitability. I was initially skeptical of your message. (For the first hour) The second hour found me saying, “This might work”, and the third hour had me truly excited about the potential. I’m interested in taking the next step…

Ted Boucher

MaxProfit was very thought provoking, especially in light of the extremely competitive manufacturing environment that exists today. 

Richard Moroco

Our Mission Is to Help Custom Manufacturers Build the Foundation of a Secure Future

Check out just some the the results, if you take action!—>



Do you feel like your

chasing your constraint and

playing Whac-a-Mole?


About Us

The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt

 The Science of Business is a Theory of Constraints consultancy.  We are TOCICO certified experts and the world’s leading authorities on applying Theory of Constraints to custom job shops and machine shops were the constraint can move frequently.

“Dr Lisa” Lang, the founder of Science of Business, worked with Dr Goldratt and discovered that job shops were a unique case.  In job shops the moving constraint makes it difficult to achieve the goal — maximizing profits.  It’s difficult to chase and then leverage a moving target!  So Science of Business was started to focus on these tough cases.  

Since 2001 we have been putting our money where our mouth is.  We do results based consulting whenever possible, typically for longer term partnerships.  In those cases, 20% to 80% of our fees are based on your results.  And these fees are based on actual bottom-line results, not just accomplishing some task.  If your profits don’t increase then you don’t pay the bonuses.  Period. 

Our philosophy is simple – we help clients maximize profits.  Our results oriented approach is driven by helping our clients to FOCUS on what’s necessary to achieve the results they are after and to LEVERAGE their existing resources to achieve those results. Most often clients are able to achieve more with their current resources.  We call our approach Velocity Manufacturing.  

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to ensure transfer of skills and lasting changes.  Our engagements are anything from a brief training or assessment to a 14 week coaching program to a Viable Vision project lasting 4 years or more.  

If you have read The Goal and want similar results.  Let’s talk and see if we can help. Fill out the form on this page to schedule a time.    

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