Consulting Services

List of Services

Viable Vision – Increasing your profit level to the maximum possible in 4 years.  Our goal would be top line to bottom line.  Our Mafia Offer to you:

  • We will collect your data then spend 2 hours with you discussing your company and your Viable Vision.  You will be given the specific strategy including your mafia offer to achieve your Viable Vision.  We will also explain the next steps and tell you our fees for helping you to achieve your viable vision at this point, BEFORE you have spent a dime.  There is no charge for us to collect your data or develop YOUR Viable Vision; you pay just T&L (Travel & Lodging). 
  • If we decide to work together to achieve your Viable Vision, then 90% of our fees are based on your results.  You don’t get results, you don’t pay.  We tell you our fees during your FREE 2 hour meeting so there are no surprises.
  • The first step is to email us if you’re interested.

NEW!  Mafia Offer Boot Camp – This is a 3 day boot camp.  This is a hands-on session where we create YOUR mafia offer.  We create the collateral and learn how to verbalize and sell your mafia offer.  And, finally we create an implementation plan for YOUR mafia offer. for upcoming boot camps!  There are only a few boot camps a year and each is limited to 5 companies.    

Improvement Project or Training – Smaller than Viable Vision, focused where you need it the most.  You pick – fixed fee or results based.  See our EVENTS tab for scheduled training.   

Coaching/Facilitation – Guidance where and when you need it.  You pick – fixed fee or results based.  We offer a great facilitated strategy session as part of the VV process, but you can do it as a stand alone too w/ your mgt team for $30k!

Do-It-Yourself Viable Vision or Improvement Project

Materials – books, videos, self learning programs

Training (fixed fee, customized based on your needs)

  1. Drum Buffer Rope Scheduling
  2. Critical Chain Project Management
  3. Distribution Solution
  4. The Thinking Processes
  5. Throughput Accounting & Measures
  6. Solution for Sales – developing your market offer (or using your existing offer) and your process for selling it (THIS IS GREAT TRAINING, EVEN AS A STAND ALONE!)

Facilitation in generating YOUR implementation plan (fixed fee)

Coaching – fixed fee or results based.  We have a Viable Vision coaching program that is a great fit for many service companies. 

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