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Dr Lisa LangDr Lisa Lang Bio – Theory of Constraints Speaker, Consultant, TOC Expert

“Dr. Lisa” Lang is a renown Theory of Constraints (TOC) expert and is the foremost expert in the world for applying Theory of Constraints to job shop scheduling and marketing. She is regularly sought out for her expertise on developing market offers (mafia offers) that increase sales. She has been named a Manufacturing Trendsetter in the USA Today for her work helping highly custom job shops and machine shops to become more productive, more competitive and to bring manufacturing back to the U.S with Velocity Scheduling System.  Dr. Lisa has also appeared in CNBC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Yahoo Finance to name a few.  

Dr Lisa is the President of the Science of Business, a consulting firm specializing in helping companies to achieve bottom line results. She has served as the Global Marketing Director for Dr Eli Goldratt, father of Theory of Constraints and author of The Goal.

Dr Lisa has a PhD in Engineering from the University of Missouri – Rolla and is one of the few TOCICO certified experts in Theory of Constraints worldwide. She also serves on the TOCICO Board of Directors.

Before becoming a consultant, Lisa was in operations, strategic planning, purchasing, and R&D while working for Clorox, Anheuser-Busch and Coors Brewing.

In addition to consulting, Dr Lisa is a highly sought after Vistage/TEC speaker on “Maximizing Profitability”. Dr Lisa also provides professional keynote speeches and workshops for organizations like: TLMI, ASC, NTMA, NAPM and private events for corporations like: TESSCO, Bostik, GE, and Sandvik Coromant.


Theory of Constraints, Professional Speaker, Applying TOC (Theory of Constraints) to Marketing and Sales, Marketing Constraint, Sales Constraint, Pricing, Cash Flow and applying Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) to highly complex job shops.

More on Dr Lisa:

As a speaker and consultant, Dr. Lisa focuses on maximizing profitability and cash flow.   Her approach is global and holistic, insisting on tying all “improvement” projects to bottom-line results.  She consults with executives in a variety of industries to put their companies on a process of ongoing improvement, addressing both internal and external constraints to profitable growth.

Dr Lisa’s speeches, seminars and workshops are described as high value, motivational, and inspirational.  Many attendees have commented on how refreshing it is to have a speaker that has bottom-line content while still providing an energizing setting.  Dr Lisa is the creator of Mafia Offer Boot Camps, the original and only, 3 day boot camp devoted to the development of YOUR mafia offer. 

Lisa has a Ph.D in Engineering Management (with an emphasis in Manufacturing and Packaging) from the University of Missouri– Rolla.  She is the author of several articles, two published workshops: 

1) Maximizing Profitability:  The Theory of Constraints Approach to Maximizing Profits and

2) Achieving a Viable Vision:  The Theory of Constraints Strategic Approach to Rapid Sustainable Growth), 

And her book Increasing Cash Velocity: The Theory of Constraints Approach to Cash Velocity is the only book written on applying TOC to cash flow. 

Dr Lisa also appears in theTheory of Constraints Handbook with 43 other Theory of Constraints experts from around the world.  Dr Lisa contributed a chapter on Mafia Offers:  Dealing with a Market Constraint.  This is the most comprehensive work available on mafia offers to date.

Dr Lisa also appears in Trendsetters for a New Economy with her chapter on Velocity Manufacturing and has co-authored with marketing legend Dan Kennedy in Marketing Miracles writing a chapter on The Ultimate Offer – The Mafia Offer.  Both of these books reached best seller status on Amazon.com.

Lisa’s diverse background allows her to consult and speak on wide variety of topics.  The common thread, however, is the focus on bottom-line results.  Unlike approaches that try to fix everything at once, Lisa helps clients to focus on the leverage points in their system to get rapid, sustainable improvement.  The Science of Business® methodology enables clients to focus their Lean, Theory of Constraints or Six Sigma tools for substantial gains in productivity and predictability.  Lisa has helped former employers and clients achieve better business results.   

Lisa has worked in a wide variety of industries helping clients at the executive level with strategic planning, growth management and in all functional areas including manufacturing, R&D, engineering, distribution, and sales & marketing.  Her insistence on focus and tying projects to bottom-line results has led to Lisa being referred to as Dr. Lisa, “the business doctor”, by many of her clients.


Dr Lisa Lang – Professional Speaker

Tired of entertaining speakers with superficial content?

Dr Lisa Lang

High Content    Motivational    Inspirational


In these action-packed, results-oriented presentations Dr Lisa inspires audiences to understand and challenge current assumptions blocking them from achieving bottom-line results.


You will learn to:

·  Determine what drives your profitability

·  Make management decisions that are aligned with your profitability goals

·  Increase profitability with no corresponding increase in expenses or capital investment

·  Use 3 decision rules and 4 metrics that can be immediately put to use


You will learn to:

·  Use a process that leads to achieving rapid sustainable growth (a Viable Vision)

·  Make investment decisions that enable growth

·  Devise strategies that maximize profits, and lead to a Viable Vision


You will learn to:

·  Use a technique to help you understand your capabilities, industry and customers

·  Develop a market offer that your customers would consider unrefusable – a mafia offer

·  The steps necessary to deliver an unrefusable market offer to your customers


 You will learn:

·  How scheduling is traditionally done

·  The scheduling problems most shops encounter and the mistakes most shops make when trying to schedule

·  The Velocity Scheduling System approach and what you can do TOMORROW to get more jobs done faster.


This is just a sampling of possible topics.  All speeches are customized to meet client’s need and objectives!


What people say …

 “Your presentation of the concepts was the best I have ever seen. “ Elaine Frost, TOC (Theory of Constraints) Expert

 “Thank you so much for taking your time talking with my groups. You are the best speaker we have had this year! Keep it up, Tim Devore, TEC Florida, September 2008

“A thousand thanks for a fantastic presentation. I have been searching for five years to find someone who could raise the level of the ratio study presentation and you did it. The Board and the member were very please with your presentation and gave you high marks.” Frank Sablone, Executive Director TLMI (Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute)

 “I really appreciated your presentation to our group yesterday. You are the first speaker I have heard in 5 years who I thought could really help change our business. I would like to know how we could work together to help change my business?  I look forward to hearing from you.” – TEC Member, Howard Katz, San Diego Group 466 

“Excellent presentation yesterday – engaging, accessible, interesting, well paced, paid attention to the member’s interests and engaged them in the program. You scored a 4.8 for content and a 4.6 for presentation – both high for this group who tend to be critical evaluators….. Thanks for sharing some genuinely new ideas with my group – they really did appreciate it. The members agreed to pursue identifying limiting constraints in the months to come and report out to the other members about what they are and their efforts to overcome them.” – TEC Chair, John Cotter, Group 466

“My TEC 466 group were very enthusiastic (4.8 / 4.6) about Lisa Lang’s presentation on “Maximizing Profitability” earlier this week. Basically, what Dr. Lisa covers is Throughput Accounting and how it helps managers to quickly see if their decisions will increase their company’s profitability. Lisa convincingly demonstrates some of the flaws in traditional cost accounting, and shows how these errors will lead to bad decision making. My members commented that it was the freshest and most useful presentation they’ve had this year.
I strongly recommend you consider this speaker for your groups. Respectfully submitted John Cotter”
”Lisa recently made a presentation to my TEC group, number 394. I had been interested in and studying the Theory of Constraints for a year before Lisa’s presentation. She was not only dead on target but helped me understand the subject matter more completely. Instead of a dull rehash, it was a riveting dash through new material.” Henry Camp, TEC member 394, Louisville
“Thank you for your presentation and showing us how these principles apply in the “real” business world. These theories provide a unique way of viewing our business and the financial impact of decisions. Your understanding and experience of applying these principles to actual businesses is refreshing.” Billy Brewer, Member, Louisville KEY Group 991

“I had been introduced to Theory of Constraints in Graduate School, but I never effectively bridged it from textbook into my organization.  Lisa’s presentation provided our group with a crash course on the theory and more importantly showed us how it could impact decision-making in our companies.  I rated the overall presentation very high and I think that each member had take-away.  But, for those who really got it, they understood it is not some magic pill for their company, but a vehicle for teaching their organization to think differently.”  Bill Heinz, Jr., President, H&H Systems and Design, Inc, Member, Louisville Key Group 991

“In today’s time of competitive change, the challenge of managing the real measure of business success, throughput, is critical. Dr. Lisa Lang is one of a handful of experts in the field of Constraint Management theory who is able to help CEO’s grasp these critical concepts. More importantly, Dr. Lisa skillfully guides TEC Members to develop their individual, strategic first steps in the process. Six month after hearing Lisa’s presentation, over half of TEC 576 Members are still implementing her suggestions. She comes with my highest recommendations.” Jean Maxwell, Chair, Denver TEC Group 576

“I’m surprised at how fast our sales prospecting process is improving. Learning HOW TO focus on the better business results that our prospects receive from our offering has significantly increased our closing ratios. Our pipeline is full and we no longer are limited by sales opportunities.” – TEC Member, Brad Stillahn, Denver Group 576
 “Thanks for a very stimulating presentation that our group enjoyed and as they continued to ask questions after 4:30 pm still wanted to hear more. Please let me know if you develop your model for maximizing marketing and sales.” Garry C. Yip; Chair – TEC Canada
“Great job. Tuff for some to understand but you got their attention. I will follow up with them and their management team as it works well with their decision making process and ROCE. I will be asking TEC to have you present same to both my Key Group and Tec 113.” Tony Lewis, Chair, Kansas City TEC 112/113/984
“Dear Lisa, A home run!! Or how about a century bike ride in record time – your message was very thought provoking – (the best in my TEC career). The members are energized and ready to look at a new way of thinking – Great Job.” Warm Regards, Jim Volz, Chair, California TEC 538
“The TOC (“Theory of Constraints”) is a fascinating body of work that I find very useful. The “Viable Vision” concept brings together all 4 Goldratt concepts (dealt with in his books) and can have remarkable results. I have worked with Dr Lisa and her colleague (Brad Stillahn) and have used TOC to successfully unravel some very complex problems. I particularly liked the results of the “MAFIA OFFER” work we did. Highly recommended.” -Nigel Alexander, Denver TEC Member
“They say” that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Well, thanks to Dr. Lisa et al, we implemented a very different–and much better–way of scheduling. Our due date performance has improved at the same time we reduced quoted lead-times! Brad Stillahn, President, Adstick Custom Labels, Denver TEC Member 576
“Thanks again for that great talk last week on Maximizing Profitability. I was initially skeptical of your message. (For the first hour) The second hour found me saying, “This might work”, and the third hour had me truly excited about the potential. I’m interested in taking the next step…”
Ted Boucher, President/CEO, CALDWELL manufacturing company
“Your presentation today was very thought provoking, especially in light of the extremely competitive manufacturing environment that exists today. I believe many of the principles presented can be utilized by Moroco Companies, LP to enable its two manufacturing companies to reach a Viable Vision.” Richard F. Moroco
“On May 11th , 2005 I attended one of your presentations at a TEC meeting in Pomona, Ca.  I was very intrigued by your “Viable Vision” presentation (who would not be?).  Since then we have implemented many of the “Viable Vision” principles, and it has allowed us to maintain our sales and gain market share during very difficult times in the construction market.” D. Bruce Himes, Chief Financial Officer, Western Water Works Supply Company
“Lisa, I really enjoyed your discussion with my TEC group last Thursday. Found your approach interesting and potentially helpful for my business. I am thinking about how you might be able to help me with my business. I’ll be in contact…” Bob Hilber, WIS International
” I enjoyed your speech on strategic planning.  Your passion and enthusiasm were evident as you delivered a unique much needed message to the brewing and plastics industries.  The surprise result of your analysis caused a great deal of discussion and led to a re-examination of fundamental assumptions.” Nina Goodrich, General Manager, Amcor PET Technologies
“I found your presentation on How to Run a Successful Business and Prosper enlightening. You made me realize the importance of measuring and balancing both cash flow and throughput rather than emphasizing one over the other. Thanks!” Donya Fahmy, Dropwise Essentials, 150 Duncan Street, San Francisco, CA 94110-4362

“Dr. Lisa provided a whole new framework for evaluating our company’s resources.  Truly outside-the-box presentation.   I can’t imagine why any CEO would not take advantage of her ‘mafia offer’.” James Van de Voorde, President, Robert Osher Investment Management, TEC 214

“It was a pleasure meeting you at our Summer Leadership Conference, June 26-28, 2005. I am writing to thank you and let you know how much our attendees enjoyed your well presented and thought-provoking presentation. We received nothing but good reviews from all our attendees, and that is indeed rare. The indication of a good presentation is when you can get your audience talking about the content. You were certainly successful. 
We also appreciate your professionalism. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to have you back at one of our future events.” Robert Willis, The Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc. 
“Doc Lisa also spoke to my TEC group.  Since then I have met her quite a few times.  She is a very strong Theory of Constraints practitioner.  The grand Pooh-Bah of TOC Eli Goldratt chose her to be in charge of marketing for Goldratt Consulting.  I know Eli personally and that is saying something.  Lisa is very bright and quick minded.  She knows her topic.  Marketing is an area of emphasis because it is a necessary component of every Viable Vision.  I have two companies.  One is on a VV with Goldratt marketing.  Dr. Goldratt did not want me to try to do two VVs at the same time.  As a stop gap measure, my other company did just what you are considering.  We developed a mafia offer.  It was a huge paradigm shift for my sales folks.  One that I’d have handled better if I had someone like Lisa to follow-up with me.  The mafia offer customers are now rolling in.  The last two months have averaged 20% Gross Profit more than the first 10 months of the fiscal year.  The number of prospects in the hopper is 10X what we have already implemented and growing.  Net profits are at record levels for our 53 year old company.  Margin is increasing.  Internal customer service is much easier.  Competitors think we are crazy and refuse to copy us.
Please call me anytime to discuss further.  Or, just go with Lisa.  If you go wrong it won’t be because of her help.  (No offense intended.)”-Henry Camp (502) 634-2800
‘Dr. Lisa is currently helping us determine our best strategy for roll out of a new product offering. Her out of the box thinking has helped us address a brand new market. If you would like to discuss our experience further please give me a call.” Richard Wright, Denver TEC Member 576
“We are a current customer of Dr. Lisa and I must say that the mafia offer that she gave us has helped us grow sales almost 100% since we started. We to are a small size business and it has worked well, in fact we have to be careful or we will oversell are capacity. Our customers love the offer and we are able to attract new ones with it. Our competitors hate us for our offer. I think we will help change our industry, because of the offer.” Grady Cope, Denver TEC Member
From: Alejo Canton [acanton@fibertel.com.ar]
Subject: Dr. Lisa – Highly recommended international speaker!
Hi everyone,
Dr. Lisa Lang (“Dr. Lisa”) is a US TEC speaker who spends most of her time traveling the world. I highly recommend you get in touch with her to see when she’ll be near you; it’s a great opportunity to have a world class speaker address your TEC members.
Dr. Lisa spoke at an all city event in Buenos Aires last week and her presentation was a huge success. 200 people attended the event, 100 TEC members and 100 guests. Her presentation on Maximizing Profits and Achieving a Viable Vision is very well suited for international audiences, and she received great reviews.Just wanted to pass that on, we don’t get a lot of opportunities to hear excellent speakers and here’s a resource that will add significant value to your TEC community. You can find her information on the web site.Be well,
Dear Dr Lisa,
Thank you for your inspiring presentation to TEC 6 on 3rd May 2006, it certainly invoked a great deal of debate amongst out members.
It was agreed that it caused members to alter perceptions of possible blockages in their respective business. …
Ken Wood, TEC 6 Chair, TEC Australia
Dr. Lisa,
I wanted to thank you for sharing your insights with me (us) at the seminar on Tuesday. Having been in the manufacturing software business and consulting with small manufacturers for many years, it was a pleasure meeting and listening to views that I share about business. Right from the get-go I was on the same page. Through all the seminars from MRPII to others, I usually only leave with a couple of ideas and but with enthusiasm. I look forward to working with you on Alfred Industries future. Thanks again,
 Jeff L. Becker, General Manager, Alfred Industries
Dr. Lisa Lang Keynote Presentation
March 15, 2007
Dear Dr. Lisa,
Thank you for being our keynote speaker at our NAPM “Executive Night”
monthly meeting. We had a record turn out as a result of displaying your
information on our newsletter and website. The words Maximizing Profitability, and your credentials had a lot to do with the turnout.
As we listened to your speech, it became very interesting to hear an
engineer’s perspective on a topic that all of us have been dealing with for the
past 10 years, “increase your savings with less tools and staff”. At the end, I am sure that many of the members said to themselves, “why didn’t I think of that.”
I have calculated the results of the surveys from the participating members
to find 99% of them gave you an “Excellent” rating. I am sure it was very difficultto pack your presentation into a forty five minute timeframe, but you did a fantastic job. Approximately 75% of our members have over ten years
experience in the Purchasing field and I think you brought forward a new concept to most of them.
Thanks for making our Executive Night a huge success and we hope you
will join us again in the future.
Best Regards,
Susan Kellar,C.P.M.
NAPM – Denver
President Elect. – Programs Chair
From: Charlie Hawkins [charlie@charliehawkins.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 1:15 PM                                                           Subject: Albuquerque Loves Lisa!
Hi Lisa,
Thanks for three outstanding presentations to my Vistage groups last week. You provided what every Vistage chair wants – a stimulating and challenging presentation that will have members examining how they look at their businesses. I will be inviting each member to find ways to evaluate their enterprises using TOC principles, and using TOC to identify the right areas for continuous improvement, LEAN and other processes.
As promised, attached are the verbatim comments written by members on the speaker evaluation forms. As you can see, they appreciated your presentation delivery as well as the content. We’re glad you were on our speaker lineup this year. I hope you and your fiancé enjoyed your trip to Albuquerque, and I hope that our paths cross again.
Best regards,



Dear Lisa,
Thanks again for your compelling message to our GPI conference attendees at our conference in Miami.  As usual I enjoyed hearing your excellent presentation of material that can be so counter-intuitive with such a convincing style.  The feedback I received from the members was universally positive, which is indeed a rare accomplishment.

Thanks and best regards,
Lane Kagey
GPI President for 2010-2011 Term


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