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This work may be reproduced and redistributed, in whole or in part, without alteration and without prior written permission, provided all copies contain the following:

  1. “© [Article Date] Science of Business, Inc. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of Science of Business, Inc. Want to learn more about Velocity Scheduling System for custom job shops and machine shop? Visit”
  2. Complete original title and author credit directly below the headline.
  3. An original do-follow hyperlinks intact and active going back to the article location you are reproducing; all other hyperlinks within the article are do-follow and remain intact.
  4. You do not have to use any P.S. or P.P.Ss or the like that may be at the end of any article.  But you must include this author bio:  “About the Author:   “Dr Lisa” Lang, is considered the foremost expert in the world on applying Theory of Constraints to  job shop scheduling, machine shop scheduling and to marketing.  She’s been named a “Trendsetter” in the USA Today and a “Manufacturing Champion” in Newsweek for her Velocity Scheduling System program and her work helping highly custom job shops and machine shops to become more productive and more globally competitive. She has appeared in CNBC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo Finance to name a few.  Dr Lisa is the President of the Science of Business, a consulting firm specializing in helping companies to achieve bottom line results. She has served as the Global Marketing Director for Dr Eliyahu Goldratt, father of Theory of Constraints and author of The Goal.”
  5. No changes or edits to title, content, hyperlinks, or images are permissible without written permission from Science of Business, Inc.

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