Cash Velocity Workshop

Your REAL $ Workshop – On DEMAND Viewing

Your REAL $ Workshop: 

The Theory of Constraints Approach

by Dr Lisa Lang

If you want YOUR real numbers, your real cash situation, that we discussed in  The Fastest Way to Increase Cash Flow (<– free video and report, click to watch it if you missed it) for YOU — for your company and your situation.  Then this workshop is what you’re looking for!  We will cover more how-to than we could in the Webinar and we work on YOUR real numbers!  You will:

  • Calculate YOUR real break-even (BE)
  • Calculate YOUR real sales needed to reach BE
  • Understand YOUR real cash needed for BE sales and for your period costs. 
  • And, get answers to YOUR questions.

If you’re ready to GET REAL, then nows the time to get YOUR real numbers. 

This LIVE event was $97 per company.  You can now go through the same event for only $47.

Once your payment is received you will receive your username and password to watch the video on-line.  You will have access to watch and rewatch the video for 10 days.  This video can be viewed within YOUR COMPANY and by as many of your employees as you like during the 10 days.


Only $47 per company or see the UPGRADE option below.

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Your REAL $ Workshop — UPGRADE

Your REAL $ Workshop UPGRADE 


Upgrade:  After the workshop (above) you get 2 hours of one on one time to discuss your particular situation and get the help you need to understand YOUR real numbers.


$497 per company.

This INCLUDES Your REAL $ Workshop.

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Increasing Cash Velocity Ebook

Increasing Cash Velocity (ebook): 

The Theory of Constraints Approach to Cash Velocity

by Dr Lisa Lang

In this ebook we discuss cash velocity. Cash velocity is a component of the wider topic of cash flow. Both cash flow and cash velocity are like good health. When you have it, you don’t really notice. But for many companies the time between when they have to pay their vendor and when they get paid is large and getting larger. In many industries customers are pushing out payables to improve their cash positions, thereby reducing yours.

Cash velocity is the throughput (T) you generate divided by the time it takes to generate the throughput. Throughput is the selling price of your product/service minus what you paid your vendors to generate and sell your product/service. The time it takes to generate the throughput is the cash-to-cash cycle time. Cash-to-cash cycle time (CtC) is a ratio that serves to highlight the amount of time a company must finance raw material. It is the time between when you spend money necessary to produce your product or service until you get paid from your customers for the finished goods or services.

The book explores how to increase Throughput AND how to decrease your CtC cycle time so that we can increase your cash velocity. 

·         Digital (PDF): 15 pages
·       Publisher: Throughput Publishing, Inc.
·       Language: English
·       ISBN-10: 0-9777604-1-3
·       Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
·       Suggest Retail Price: $29.95

This ebook is $29.95 and will be emailed to you once we receive your payment. 

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