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¨Solution for Sales
In this highly active seminar we discuss developing and delivering value based propositions (Mafia Offers) to your customers!

¨Maximizing Profitability
In this highly active seminar we discuss making business decisions and devising strategies that maximize profitability!

¨Explosive Growth: What’s a Viable Vision?
In this seminar we discuss the components of a Viable Vision. What vision is possible and how do you create the detailed tactics to make it happen!

¨Maximizing Profitability and Achieving a Viable Vision
This seminar is an introduction to the concepts covered in Maximizing Profitabilty and then ending with a discussion on strategy and Viable Vision.

¨Business Decisions Made Easy: Know that you’re making the right decisions!
It’s hard to make business decisions by looking at our P&L and Balance Sheet. This presentation will show you an easy way make the right decisions.

¨Maximizing Cash Flow: Staying clear of a cash constraint!
In this seminar you will learn the drivers of cash flow and how to manage them to maximize your cash flow!

¨Product Mix Decisions: Finding the mix that maximizes profitability!
In this seminar you will learn how to determine which products have the largest impact on your bottom-line and why!

¨Managing Constraints: Discovering what’s limiting your profitability!
In this seminar you will learn what is limiting your ability to make money and how to manage it!

¨Results Oriented Sales & Marketing: Getting more from your sales force!
Your customers buy from your to produce better business results. In this seminar we will learn how to achieve your sales goals.

¨Devising Winning Strategies
Winning strategies are those that help you to achieve more of your goal. In this seminar we will discuss how to devise strategies and tactics that maximize your profitability!

¨Project Management in the Fast Lane: Completing on time and in budget!
In this seminar we will discuss how to get more tasks completed with existing resources.

¨Synchronous Flow Manufacturing: Understanding what matters in scheduling!
In this seminar we will discuss how to increase your throughput!

¨Six Sigma, Lean, TOC … What’s a manager to do!
In this seminar we will compare and contrast these 3 popular management philosophies.

¨Supply Chain and Distribution: Understanding what matters!
If you want to reduce inventories and increase the value in your supply chain, this is the seminar for you.

¨Custom speech designed to meet your specific needs
Are you looking for something more applicable to your specific challenges? We can design a speech or seminar to meet your needs!

¨Continuous Process Improvement: Are you thriving or just surviving?
In this seminar we will discuss what you need to do to achieve more and more of your goals.

¨Business Startup – What every entrepreneur should know about starting a business!
If you are thinking about starting a business this is the seminar for you. In this seminar we will discuss the keys to reaching profitability.

¨Making the most of our R&D dollars ….. Maximizing profits!
Do you need a better way to determine which products should be developed with your limited R&D resources?

¨Managing Your Business Like An Investment
If you eventually want to sell your company or if you want to generate cash from your investment, this seminar will help you to manage your business to meet your goals.

Speech Descriptions

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