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Maximizing Profitability by Dr Lisa Lang

Maximizing Profitability:  The Theory of Constraints Approach to Maximizing Profits is a 3 hour workshop overview of Theory of Constraints and Throughput Accounting.

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by Lisa Lang
ISBN: 0-9777604-0-5


“Your presentation of the concepts was the best I have ever seen.”
Elaine Frost
Theory of Constraints Expert
President, Strategies by Design

“Dr. Lisa is currently helping us determine our best strategy for roll out of a new product offering. Her out of the box thinking has helped us address a brand new market.”
Richard Wright
Owner, The Bars Program

The Theory of Constraints Approach to Maximizing Profits is a workbook with LIVE recorded audio MP3. If you have read Throughput Accounting or any of the other books on the subject, but still aren’t quite sure what to do next, then this book is for you. This workbook and audio will walk you through how to start using throughput accounting immediately so that you can maximize your profits NOW! In 3 hours you have all the basics needed to get started! In this audio training guide, Dr. Lisa discusses how to focus your existing resources to maximize profitability. She discusses how to increase profitability with no corresponding increase in expenses or capital investment, and how to make management decisions that are aligned with profitability goals. The values include:

  • Improved understanding of what drives your profitability
  • Improved understanding of how to make product/service mix decisions to maximize profitability
  • Improved understanding of how to make investment decisions to maximize profitability
  • Understanding of how to make many other day-to-day business decisions to maximize profitability
  • 4 metrics and 3 decision rules that can be immediately put to use.

Included: 1 Audio MP3, 1 PDF Workbook, 1 PDF Quick Reference Sheet

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