DBR Coaching

Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) based on Goldratt Theory of Constraints

The steps to implement Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) are not that hard to understand or explain.  The difficulty lies in applying it to YOUR specific situation.  If you don’t know how to do that or do it incorreclty, it could lead to the conclusion that — TOC doesn’t work.   

For Each DBR Coaching Program, we take up to 5 companies through the process of implementing DBR remotely.  We will explain each step and discuss any questions or concerns specific to your situation.  This will be a 14 week program with one session per week.

All 10 companies will be on the same call to take advantage of learning from the other companies.  During this 14 week program you will learn:

  • How to implement our Velocity Scheduling System based on DBR
    • what’s your drum, how to use buffers, how to tie the rope
  • Get all your implementation questions answered.  If we run out of time during the session, we will follow up with you individually
  • Understand how to monitor load vs capacity
  • What key metrics you should be monitoring

Each session will be recorded so if you miss one you can catch up or you can refer back.  You can also have you entire team participate in each session. 

More information at www.VelocitySchedulingSystem.com

Oh yeah and the Drewco testimonial, those results were achieved with this remote coaching.  Also check out the testimonial below from Alabama Heat Exchangers.

Your willingness and courage to implement will determine YOUR results.  This program will give you the support and guidance to be confident and make things happen!


DBR Coaching Testimonial

Dr. Lisa,


I just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with you, and I appreciate all the help you’ve provided. After attending your DBR remote course, we’ve seen significant improvements in several aspects of our business, and things seem to keep getting better. Since the introduction of your velocity concept, we’ve seen an average of 5 jobs ship per week, which was about 1 every two weeks prior to the course. Our backlog has gone from an average of 55 jobs to around twenty. We’ve also reached 100% on-time performance for all new jobs booked since the course began.

Another benefit realized is a steadier invoicing outflow and cash inflow. We continue to uncover areas where improvements can be made, which would not have been possible prior to DBR coaching. We came to this course as a shop plagued with scheduling problems, poor morale, little sense of direction, and constant frustration. The concepts you’ve presented have helped us alleviate many of these issues. Although we still have a long way to go, you’ve helped us find a path to continuous improvement and profit maximization. We look forward to attending your Mafia Offer Boot Camp in the near future. Thanks again for everything.



Ricky Lightcap, Jr.

General Manager

Alabama Heat Exchangers, Inc.

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