Management Skills Workshop

Using a systematic and logical approach, the Management Skills Workshop(MSW) enhances skills for more effective management and a more effective  work force.  The MSW provides specific tools which enable us to effectively address the common cause responsible for the repetitive “fires” that consume so much valuable time.

The MSW develops managers skills to:

  • Prevent “fire-fighting”
  • Challenge and motivate others
  • Remove obstacles which prevent effectiveness
  • Evaluate and improve ideas
  • Effectively transfer knowledge
  • Delegate authority
  • Create win-win solutions

The MSW helps any level employee:

  • Become better listeners
  • Increase their level of self-confidence and confidence in others
  • Increase the desire for additional responsibility
  • Make significant improvements
  • Create an “I can” environment

The Management Skills Workshop consists of six valuable tools targeted at improving communication skills, initiating skills, empowerment skills and team-building skills.  The sessions are conducted in two parts: learning and feedback.  Role-play is an integral part of the sessions preparing the participants to implement their solutions.  To see these tools in action pick up a copy of Dr. Goldratt’s novel, It’s Not Luck. 

We can deliver this workshop on-site or on-line.  Pricing depends on your particular needs.  Please send an email to schedule a quick call where we will determine your needs and the best approach for your team. 

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