Podcast #1

Podcast #1 with Mafia Offer Example

Maximizing Profits and Increasing Sales with a Mafia Offer

The best way to increase your profits is to do it in a way that is totally under your control. It should NOT depend on customers taking a price increase, or on vendors to reducing prices, or on the economy. You can increase your profits by uncovering capacity (or utilizing excess capacity) and then selling it. The new sales dollars minus the raw materials will drop to your bottom-line. There are many tools that can help you to uncover the capacity (Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints, Lean, Six Sigma) and many manufacturers already have plenty of excess capacity. So the challenge lies in selling it. In the accompanying interview we give an example of how a company, in what is considered a commodity business, developed a mafia offer – a competitive advantage or unrefusable market offer that their competitors can’t or won’t copy. All of our consulting projects start with a 3 day Mafia Offer Boot Camp. Then if you want our help in getting your operations in shape and in implementing your mafia offer – we only get paid if your PROFITS increase. 100% of our payment is dependent on your profits increasing. In addition, we will also provide a no charge analysis so that you know if the investment in the boot camp is worth it for you. That’s our Mafia Offer to you!

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