Increase Sales of Commodity Products

How do I increase sales of comodity products? How do I increase sales of commodity products?

This video explains how to increase sales of comodity products.  Increasing sales of commodity products is particularly challenging.  We discuss guidelines for creating an offer around your product and then give an example of an offer for a commodity product.   

We call this offer a “Mafia Offer”.  A Mafia Offer is an offer that is so good that your customers can’t refuse it AND your competition can’t or won’t offer the same thing.  If you competition can’t or won’t match your offer, then you no longer have a commodity product.  What the video below for more information and for a very compelling example of a Mafia Offer for what is considered to be a commodity product.


Are you a good candidate for a Mafia Offer?

Now you might be wondering if you are a good candidate for a Mafia Offer Boot Camp.  Does a Mafia Offer exist for YOUR company so that you can substancially increase YOUR sales?

For a no charge half hour discussion with Dr Lisa, please click here and fill out this email.  Dr Lisa will respond to you and schedule your no charge session.  Only 8 sessions are availabe each week, so don’t delay!  And each GROUP boot camp can only accomodate 5 companies.

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