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Mafia Offer Boot Camp Information Video & Free Preview

In this free preview of Session 1 of our Mafia Offer Boot Camp you will learn:

  • Duration and Schedule 
  • Watch the actual Session 1 from our REMOTE boot camp
  • Have Access to the Session 1 Workbook

This video is about 5 minutes. 

Mafia Offer Definition:  In addition to the definition above, a mafia offer is the key to exploiting a market constraint or sales constraint.  It could also be called an unrefuseable offer (URO), an irresistible offer, a market offer, a touchstone, a competitive advantage, a value proposition, or a unique selling proposition. 

However, when most people are talking about a touchstone, a competitive advantage, a value proposition, or a unique selling proposition (USP) these are actually quite different from a Mafia Offer.  They basically take what you already do and state it succinctly and with more specificity.  A Mafia Offer typically requires that you do something different to actually deliver something unrefuseable to your customers and something that your competition can’t or won’t do because they are not willing to or don’t know how to make the change. 

In this way, a Mafia Offer is a longer lasting competitive advanatage instead of just a positioning. 


Mafia Offer Boot Camp FREE Preview of Session 1 of the REMOTE boot camp

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