Power to Get In – Executive Access Boot Camp

  The Executive Access Boot Camp

The Power to Get In teaches a field-proven best-in-class methodology for reducing your time to a deal (your sales cycle) and your cost of sales by up to 25%.  After taking over 40 companies through Mafia Offer Boot Camps we found that in about 30% or more of the cases, a mafia offer wasn’t enough.  In some cases just having an unrefuseable offer did not open the door to the “real” decision-makers, the executives and/or business owners who actually had the power and authority to say yes and sign off on the deal. 


This program is based on the book:   The Power to Get In (order here if you haven’t read this MUST READ) and we are co-facilitating with the author Michael Boylan. 


The book is very good.  The boot camp will cover more than you read in the book (the book is the tip of the iceberg) and more importantly you walk out with the plan and letter for at least one for YOUR prospects and the process to do it for all of your prospects or customers.  I’m encouraging all of our clients to attend because having a mafia offer does not guarantee that you can get an appointment to present it.     

We are very careful about what we recommend, particularly when an expenditure is required.  We have tested this program with a common client that we share with Michael.  That client “got in” to a big managed health care organization within 2 weeks at the executive level and then was able to present his mafia offer.  They are currently working on the details of their deal. 


If you have a great mafia offer or value proposition but have difficulty getting a sales appointment with the correct levels of executive decision-maker(s) to properly present the offer, then your sales cycle is probably longer than you would like. And––it will never change unless you do something to change and shorten the process.  Here’s what the Executive Access Boot Camp (EABC) has done for other companies that are closely held small businesses, mid-sized, and larger public or private organizations:

  • Can reduce a companies time-to-a-deal by up to twenty-five percent
  • Helps deliver faster assess to the senior executives of your key prospects
  • Quicker determination of the prospect’s interest in your offer
  • Can increase annual revenues of five percent or more

The process is amazing! Couple these valuable financial deliverables with a great mafia offer, and imagine what would happen if you combined them both into a cohesive business approach process for your company?

These deliverables come from happy clients such as ADP, Ceridian, Microsoft, Cap Gemini, Research In Motion (maker of the Blackberry), Administaff, Keane, PLATO Learning, and many many others. We mention these firms because you have more than likely heard of them. And yet there are hundreds of smaller firms that have also benefited immensely, though mentioning their names would serve no purpose because you’ve more than likely never heard of them.

You will hear examples and case histories during the program of how firms such as these have and continue to use this approach to gain more business. In fact, many firms have standardized on this powerful methodology because, at the end of the day, it simply works! Many firms have in fact made this process “required training” among all business developers as one of the ways in which they keep growing revenues from existing clients, and, hunt for and secure new business from prospects and key vertical industries they elect to concentrate on with this approach; which is a much more systematic approach for gaining more revenue. 



We lay the foundation for what prospects’ and clients’ lives are like on the inside so participants are more knowledgeable and effective at properly gaining access with this System.  In the analysis of the problem we study, discuss, and debate the current approach processes used for how most people normally gain access, demonstrating why it has become obsolete. The philosophy and psychology behind the System are presented so participants understand the simplicity, ethics, and power of the system, and how and why it applies to any size firm you might want to target with this approach process.


Participants are taught how to identify and involve from the outset, multiple key centers of influence within any organization.  This helps the ultimate prospect(s) come to an easier and safer decision to grant access. Numerous real-world exercises show participants why the process is more consistent with how most companies make decisions nowadays.


The preparation steps of the System teach participants a specific structure in which to properly prepare, communicate, and position the net benefits of their offering so they are attractive and beneficial to more than just the ultimate prospect. 




The preparation steps teach participants to define what they need versus what they want so their request for access is painless for the prospect or client to grant.  We also teach where to get various forms of background information on the prospect or client. This helps participants target the necessary individuals increasing the probability of gaining access.  Time is also spent on the prospect’s or clients general nature so participants understand the general character traits based on age, income, title, geography, type and size of corporation being targeted, etc.  


The execution steps teach how to put the strategy into play and how to flush out the prospect or client. Key areas include critical skills for how to regulate and control information, (brochures, spec sheets, pricing information) to minimize the prospect/client denying access. Specific scripts are taught on how to write and customize system letters, which engage the ultimate prospect(s). Additional step-by-step strategies are taught for communicating with executive assistants, leaving specific voice mail messages, how to use the system at different stages of the selling process (time permitting), all which increase the system’s effectiveness.


During day Three we discuss the power of timing, the art of blitzing, using the process in more advanced manners (time permitting), handling mis-directors, and how to deal with voice mail and other technological buffers. We walk through various scenarios, case histories of real applications, exercises, boiler-plate templates, prospect worksheets, flush-out tracking forms, etc. At the conclusion of the workshop participants are in a position to begin using the system.


Next, each team or sales person works on their letter targeted at one of their prospects.  That’s right, you leave with the strategy and letter for at least one of YOUR prospects or customers!


At the conclusion of the workshop participants are in a position to immediately send their letter and to begin using the system to develop additional strategies and letters of other prospects.

What should you bring to the Executive Access Boot Camp? 


Research on two prospects and two clients that you want to gain more business with.  Research is a Hoovers, D&B, or some other type of comprehensive report showing — top executives, public/private, size, etc. 

Who should attend the Executive Access Boot Camp? 


In larger companies:

  • EVP and SVP of the Business Units
  • SVP of Business Development, Strategic Growth, Sales, Training/Organizational Development
  • Vice Presidents of Sales for their respective territories/regions/verticals.
  • Sales Directors/Managers of their respective territories/regions/verticals.
  • Sales people from each respective sales territory/region/vertical.
  • Account teams responsible for specific opportunities.

In smaller companies:

  • CEO, President and business owners
  • Sales Manager
  • Key Sales People

And anyone who’s buy-in will be needed to implement this powerful field-proven process.



Event Dates:


Private boot camps are scheduled at mutually convenient times and locations of your choice.


The Cost


$1500.00 per person plus travel and lodging for us to come to you for your private event.  Minimum of 10 people needed. 


Registration or Questions: 


To schedule or to ask questions please email us.

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