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What is Viable Vision?

What is Viable Vision?   The strategy and SPECIFIC tactics to achieve, within 4 years, net profit equal to your total current sales. It sounds crazy, we know. But hundreds of companies who have gone on TOC have the results to back it up.

How can such a jump forward be viable? Such dramatic growth appears to be confined to start-ups and companies with unique technology, but Viable Vision changes all that.

A new model for consulting- Viable Vision deals are also based on a different kind of consulting agreement.  With Science of Business 80% to 100% of the fees are contingent upon the results. Yes 100% may be an option!  If you don’t see dramatic jumps in your profits, you don’t pay.  And the bonuses you do pay are fixed, defined in advance, and they are dwarfed by the profits the company retains, so you won’t pay large percentages of the gains.

How can I learn more? Participate in Dr Lisa’s half day “Achieving a Viable Vision” workshop (online training), and then sign up for the free Viable Vision review by Dr Lisa.  The review is FREE and if we find a Viable Vision for you, 80% to 90% of the consulting fees are only paid if you get an increase in profits above and beyond what you would do on your own.   

Viable Vision

The “Vision“:  Turning your current sales level into your profit level in 4 years.

The “Viable“:  The strategy and tactics to make it happen!

The Science of Business consultants are TOCICO Certified TOC Experts who have worked in collaboration with the Dr. Eli Goldratt to bring Viable Vision projects to their successful completion.  We provide the TOC expertise and coordinate the implementation partners.   We are also the interface with the customers and our job is to ensure the results!  Our results oriented approach is driven by helping our clients to FOCUS on what’s necessary to achieve the results of their Viable Vision and to LEVERAGE their existing resources to achieve those results. Most often clients are able to achieve more with their current resources.

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to ensure transfer of skills and lasting changes. Our engagements are usually Viable Vision Advisory Board projects lasting as long as it takes to achieve your goal(s) and the majority of our payment is based on the results achieved.   A Viable Vision project is the best way to achieve explosive growth in your business.  In addition, Viable Vision projects are typically self funding and low risk.  80% to 100% of our payment is based on the results you achieve.  And if you are considering selling  your business, we can help prepare you to get the most for your business.

We are looking for companies who want to achieve explosive growth and for implementation partners to help deliver the results.  If you are a client or potential partner, please send an email.

Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints — Viable Vision Offer Events

Dr Goldratt passed way in June 2011.  But Viable Vision projects continue.  First, watch Achieving a Viable Vision ON-LINE, then contact us when your ready for your free Viable Vision review.  We’ll do some data collection and then let you know if you’re a good fit and what is possible.

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