Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling Proposition USP and Customer Value Proposition

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Unique Selling Proposition USP and Customer Value Proposition Video Description

 This video covers:

           What is a Unique Selling Proposition USP or Customer Value Proposition?
           What’s missing from a USP or Value Proposition?
           What factors do you need to consider to develop or create one?

The Unique Selling Proposition or USP (also Unique Selling Point) is a marketing concept where you differentiate your company or products from similar products or your competitors. 

USPs tend to be short statements of differentiation or positioning.

Acustomer Value Proposition consists of the sum total of benefits which a vendor promises that a customer will receive in return for the customer’s associated payment (or other value-transfer). 

In simple words: Value Proposition = what the customer gets for what the customer pays.

A statement that summarizes why a consumer should buy a product or use a service. This statement should convince a potential consumer that one particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings.

The more specific your Value Proposition is, the better.

Watch the video to learn more ….

Listen to this example of a true Unique Selling Proposition and Customer Value Proposition, a Mafia Offer.  This video also covers Creating a Mafia Offer: 

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