“Cost Accounting: Public Enemy #1 of Productivity”

Way back in 1983, prior to writing his popular business novel “The Goal”, Dr. Eliyahu M Goldratt gave a speech by this controversial and confrontational title at a conference of Management Accountants. However, it was well received because the problems with cost accounting are well known to knowledgeable management accounting professionals. For them, agreeing that there are problems with cost accounting was not the issue. The question was “what is the alternative?”

That is where we left our discussion last month. We had provided an overview of Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) scheduling. We warned that cost accounting assumptions may block you from implementing this powerful scheduling methodology and promised to discuss both the issues with cost accounting and introduce the solution: Throughput Accounting.

Management Accounting’s objective is to make the connection between managers’ local actions and the company’s profitability so managers can know if their actions are leading the company toward its goal.

The problem with cost accounting is the focus on cost.

…to be continued.

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!
Dr Lisa Lang
About the authors:

Brad Stillahn is a business owner that has successfully implemented Eliyahu M Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC) methods in his own business and is now helping other business owners do the same. His consulting company, TOC Professionals engages in long-term relationships with companies implementing TOC. His business and personal partner is Dr. Lisa Lang. Brad can be reached at Brad@ScienceofBusiness.com or 303-886-9939.

“Dr. Lisa” Lang is President of the Science of Business. Her speech “Maximizing Profitability” is popular with Vistage groups and as a keynote speech. Recently Dr. Goldratt’s Global Marketing Director, she offers the “Mafia Offer Boot Camp” for companies wanting to develop and implement a Mafia Offer. She can be reached at DrLisa@ScienceofBusiness.com or 303-909-3343.
By Dr Lisa Lang


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