What are the problems associated with marketing and sales?

The problems associated with marketing and sales are many, varying, and widespread.  A few of the typical responses to marketing and sales problems include:

  • To prospects, what you say sounds the same as your competitors
  • You have nothing unique or compelling to offer that is different
  • Prospects aren’t aware of you
  • You aren’t aware of enough prospects
  • You have a collection of sales individuals, not a sales team
  • You have difficulty getting in to see your prospect
  • You have a long sales cycle
  • You have a low closing rate
  • You have difficulty quoting as many jobs as you would like
  • Quote turnaround is too long
  • There are peaks and valleys of booking sales

Yikes! That is a lot of problems! Where do we start to improve marketing and sales?

We recommend you start with your market offer or as we like to call it, your Mafia Offer. Without differentiating yourself from your competitors, it is difficult to determine what else is wrong with your marketing and sales process, and how to improve.

…to be continued.

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!

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