What is the problem? Answering that is extremely important.  Without know the problem, how do you know where to focus or what to improve?  Is it:

  • Declining sales?
  • Unrealistic expectations for increased productivity?
  • No profit incentive payout?
  • Low morale?
  • The new no-overtime policy?
  • Ineffective supervision?

TOC has cause and effect logic tools to determine which problems are causes and which are effects. To have the greatest impact on the business system, we don’t want to treat symptoms; we want to address what we call the “core problem” that is the cause of all of the symptoms.

The company’s objectives to “make more money now as well as in the future” and “provide a secure and satisfying environment for employees now as well as in the future” are currently jeopardized. The specific objective being addressed is improved productivity as measured by sales compared to total plant payroll.

The core problem is that company policies are in apparent conflict with the goal of secure and satisfied employees. Employee resistance instead of buy-in to the objective of improved productivity is a result.

What are the possible alternative solutions to such a problem? What are the criteria for a good solution? That is, how will we know if we have a good solution before we try to implement it?

…to be continued.

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!
Dr Lisa Lang

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