What to Change to?

As with any real constraint, your overall company only has one of them. For example, your company cannot be both internally and externally constrained at the same time (yes, we are aware that your company is different and more complex). A company that addresses its internal constraint can become externally constrained rather quickly, or vice versa, so synchronized corrective action is important.

For an internal constraint, TOC has logistical solutions for operations, projects, distribution and supply chain. The TOC logistic solutions usually need to be tailored to the company because you are different. Lean and Six Sigma tools can help increase the speed and effectiveness of implementing the TOC solutions.

For an external constraint, TOC has solutions for marketing (Mafia Offers) and sales. For other external constraints, TOC has thinking process tools to help identify the problem and the direction of the solution. Again, these normally need to be tailored to your company.

For a cash constraint, which is a special case of an external constraint, the TOC thinking process tools would need to be tailored to your company’s specific situation.

If you are diligent and effective, whether your company has an internal constraint or external constraint, the TOC solutions are powerful enough to correct the problem in about three months.

Please let us know where your company constraint is: internal, external, or cash. Email your answer to Theory of Constraints ANSWER . We will respond with our recommendation on what to do about it.

As you probably know we recommend strategically placing your constraint. The location of your constraint is a very important issue. Where’s yours now and where do you want it to be — where do you want your strategic constraint to be?

…to be continued.

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!
Dr Lisa Lang

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