Question: How much excess capacity do you need to have to make a Viable Vision viable?

Answer: It depends. Squeezing more capacity out of your existing operation without investment is relatively easy (you read about it in The Goal, Its Not Luck, and Critical Chain). The hard part is selling it. You need an unrefusable market (a “mafia offer”) offer in order to sell all your capacity (you read about this in Its Not Luck). The Viable Vision is the specific strategy and tactics necessary for you to uncover your capacity and the market offer that will bring your company to have a profit level equal to your current sales level.

What percent of sales are your truly variable costs (TVCs)? Remember that we define TVCs as those costs that change when an additional product or service is sold. TVCs include raw material, sales commission, freight, subcontractors, and the like.

The higher your TVC or lower your throughput (T = sales – TVCs), the more excess capacity (or price premium) you will need to make it possible to turn your current sales level into your profit level in 4 years.

Here’s an example: If you currently have $10 million in sales and TVCs at 30% you will need $23 million in sales. This assumes that you could add these sales with your current labor and/or operation expense (OE). And, in many cases this is quite possible.

If you will need to add labor or other OE, then for each million in those costs that you add you will need to sell another $1.43 M (amount OE added divided by throughput). This is typically not a big deal (we have a client right now with about 65% TVCs), it is just something we have to take into consideration.

So, the more you can sell with your existing resources and investments, the quicker you can turn your current sales level into your profit level. And, your specific mafia offer will also play a big role in the amount of excess capacity you will need. If you can get a price premium, then you will need less capacity and less sales.
The smallest company on a Viable Vision right now started at $1.2 M in sales and the largest started at $4 B (billion!).

But this is way more information than you need because we will collect the data for your company, develop your Viable Vision, and spend 2 hours with you discussing your company and your Viable Vision for FREE, no strings. The only catch is that the CEO, President, or business owner must have attended one of my Maximizing Profitability events to be eligible for the free offer.

And if you decide that you would like guidance from us in achieving your Viable Vision, then 100% to 90% of our fees are based on YOUR results. If you don’t get the results, you don’t pay! And yes there is a 100% results based option!

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!

By Dr Lisa Lang

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