I just completed a redesign of part of my website and added several free videos and audios. To view this new page, go to FREE Stuff tab and then down to FREE Videos & Audios.

You will find videos on the following topics:

  • Critical Chain Project Management
  • Viable Vision
  • Mafia Offers and Mafia Offer Boot Camps
  • Success Stories
  • Overview of Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints
  • more to come!

You will also find a list of written articles, success stories, blog posts, etc under the FREE TOC & VV Articles (Theory of Constraints & Viable Vision). I’m in the process of resigning this page so that the articles can be better searched and allow you to see how many times each has been downloaded, as well as, you can enter and read reviews left by readers.

And, if you click on the FREE Stuff tab directly you will find other items that might be of interest, like:

  • Theory of Constraints games
  • Theory of Constraints software (Thinking Process Software)

Here to maximzing YOUR profits!

Dr Lisa Lang

P.S. We will be continuing with the “Process of On-Going Improvement” series shortly.

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