We recently updated OUR mafia offer to include free consulting for up to 3 months after you participate in a Mafia Offer Boot Camp. Recently someone asked me, why? I thought that the reasons would be obvious, but that’s why assumptions can be dangerous.

We offer free consulting for 2 main reasons:

1) We want you to get maximum value from your boot camp. During the 3 days we calculate the bottom-line impact we project with the newly developed offer. But, if you have a great boot camp and develop a true mafia offer, if you don’t implement it –> still no bottom-line results. So we schedule weekly calls to make sure that you and your team focus. We hold you accountable, answer questions, help overcome obstacles, and provide any additional examples you might need. For example, most companies create a Frequently Asked Questions document after the event and we have many examples we can share.

2) Many of the Mafia Offer Boot Camp attendees need and/or want help in implementing their offer after the event. (The exception is typically service companies that require few or simple operational changes.) As you probably already know, we offer a 100% results based option where you only pay us if your PROFITS increase. If your profits don’t increase we don’t get paid. This means we need to be sure that you will take our advice and implement. We can’t do it for you, so we need to be sure that YOU will drive your implementation. If you are getting results during the free consulting stage, then we give you our 100% results based consulting option. If however, during each call we just talk about why you haven’t accomplished anything, then we may not offer you the 100% results based option.

So, yes we are nice people, but we also want you to be raving about the boot camp because you got HUGE bottom-line results and we want to get to know you better before we go forward with a results based consulting contract.

Here’s you maximizing YOUR profits!
By Dr Lisa Lang

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