Who should we target with our offer? and How should we roll it out?


Your marketing and sales core team generates a list of prospects for your mafia offer roll out.  Start by mapping current prospective clients (existing, past, new) creating a wide list of prospects belonging to the preferred market sectors.  Then:

  • Defining prospects for test launch (representative clients salespeople can approach as soon as possible); Prospects which are already in the pipe line and that are quite suitable for the offer; Existing clients with substantial business yet to be gained suitable for the offer; New prospects which are best suitable for the offer and have a short internal decision time.
  • Defining prospects to become key accounts. Based on Returns: Barriers assessment, the company should focus its sales efforts on winning a big share of their business.
  • Giving high priority to reduce the risk of losing key accounts.
  • Warning: if a client is responsible for a high share of the Company business – do not increase its share.

If you follow the 3 Steps outlined, you now have a good list of prospects for both near term and longer term development.

In this 10 Part series we covered how to sell your mafia offer. How to present it, to whom to present it, how to get in to present it, who to target with your offer and what to watch out for along the way. The first step, however, is to create YOUR mafia offer. Mafia Offers were first introduced in Theory of Constraints by Eliyahu M Goldratt’s It’s Not Luck and you get some idea of how to create one. However if you need more guidance, you may want to consider a Mafia Offer Boot Camp!

Here’s to Maximizing YOUR Profits!
Dr Lisa Lang

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