In Part 2 we discussed how we start the Theory of Constraints Mafia Offer Solutions for Sales presentation by agreeing on the problem. I can’t stress enough how important it is to really nail this first part of the presentation.

In no more than 4 slides you should be able to describe how YOUR industry (you and your competitors) are having a negative impact on your customer’s bottom-line. If you can do this instead of the typical “Background of Our Company” and “Background of Our Products” they will be eager to hear what yo have to say next instead of being half asleep.

During this part of the presentation I like to generate conversation if there is an opportunity. This is nice because often there are people in the room (we will discuss who should be in the room later) who are not fully aware of these situations or the order of magnitude of them. For example (continuing for the Part 2 example) I may ask if in fact they have the experience of having to hold higher inventories due to a supplier’s policy and if despite the fact that they have too much of some inventory do they stock out or almost stock out of others. I’m hoping to hear a story about a time when they ended up having to dump a bunch of inventory and also one about what happened when the stocked out.

Once we have our customer’s head shaking in agreement and they have shared a couple stories, they are actually eager to hear what you have to say next. You are the first vendor that has so eloquently described the dynamic between industry practices and you verbalized it better than even they have or could.

The next thing we cover is “Agree on the direction of the solution”.

… stay tuned for Part 3.

Here’s to Maximizing YOUR Profits!
By Dr Lisa Lang

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