Now that we have discussed how to open the presentation by “agreeing on the problem”, we will cover the next steps — “agreeing on the direction of the solution”.

Continuing with what the PowerPoint Solutions For Sale presentation …

Usually I transition by saying something like “so if we have accurately captured the problem, we then need to determine criteria for a good solution”. We then review the slide with this criteria and get the prospects feedback. We also note that this criteria should be used to evaluate any potential solution, even one from a competitor.

Once we have agreement on the criteria for a good solution we review our solution — our mafia offer. We usually give an overview of our offer and then go into each component of it in more detail. In this way they get a preview of whats to come and then can concentrate on what is being presented.

After we have reviewed our offer, we return to the criteria for a good solution and ask if our offer has met those criteria. This is agreeing that the “solution solves the problem”.

… stay tuned for Part 5.

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