Up to this point, let’s say that 1) you have a great mafia offer based on Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints ; and 2) you have a can’t miss Solutions for Sales presentation. But in about 30% of the cases that is still not enough. Can you get in to make your presentation? And, can you get in at a high enough level for your business deal?

Have you ever had the experience where you established a relationship with the buyer or whoever your contact is and you get to the point where you get to make your presentation, but then you have to come back and do it again (and again) because the people in the room weren’t the decision makers? Is there anything more frustrating when you have a market constraint?

So why is it so hard to get in, at the right level, to present your offer? What are the blockades you face?

What is the effect of all this? Longer sales cycles? Slower growth? Lower ROI on your sales/marketing investments?

Do you have a solution to these challenges? Is there one? What do you do today — what is your process to get in? Research — letter — call? Who do you target — what is the title of that person?

Think about your answers to these questions before I give you our solution — the Executive Access Boot Camp.

… stay tuned for Part 7


Here’s to Maximizing YOUR Profits!
Dr Lisa Lang

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