I ended Part 7 by asking — Do people make decisions alone or in groups? If you had the experience I described in Part 6 where you do get in, but then have to come back and make the presentation multiple times until all the key people have seen it and can agree to go forward? Then you probably agree that your prospects make decisions in groups. And the larger the company, then the more true this seems to be.

Knowing that people make decisions in groups, why to we approach one prospect within our target company? In our 3 day Executive Access Boot Camp we discuss the psychology of this group decision making process and introduce a better way. We recommend approaching about 5 people depending on the specific situation. In addition to the ultimate prospect we also contact the next 2 levels up, 2 collegues, and 1 level below. We call each of these 4 people around the ultimate prospect leverage points. These are the people that, due to the psychology at play, will cause a meeting to occur. I can’t possibly describe the whole 3 days, but you get the idea.

Here’s what the Executive Access Boot Camp (EABC) has done for other companies that are closely held small businesses, midsized, and larger public or private organizations:

  • Can reduce a companies time-to-a-deal by up to twenty-five percent
  • Helps deliver faster assess to the senior executives of your key prospects
  • Quicker determination of the prospect’s interest in your offer
  • Can increase annual revenues of five percent or more

You can read more about Executive Access at https://www.scienceofbusiness.com/events/executive-access-boot-camp/.

…. stay tuned for Part 9


Here’s to Maximizing YOUR Profits!
Dr Lisa Lang

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