We started this discussion about how people are more interested in avoiding (or reducing) pain than they are in increasing pleasure. We discussed how to present a Mafia Offer (based on Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints) consistent with that desire.

Because mafia offers are business deals we also discussed how to get in to the right level to make your offer. See Executive Access Boot Camp below.
The next questions likely are: Who should we target with our offer? and How should we roll it out?
Here are some guidelines:

•Examine the different market sectors you serve, evaluating the extent which your mafia offer solves solves a significant problem for each market sector. What are the consequences of not solving that problem for each market?
•Examine 3 (prospective) clients per market sector (less than 3 may risk looking at extreme case, more are not needed).
•Based on the above identify the preferred market sector(s) to leverage YOUR offer.


Having looked at where the problem (that you solve) is the greatest, now let’s look at other considerations:

  • Is there a market(s) that yeilds higher Throughput than others?
    Past experience can point to the type of clients/market-sectors/product-types that yield better Throughput. A particular client may yield less Throughput initially but would enable you to win good future business (penetrating a client, establishing reputation, gaining experience, steady annual income).
  • Is there a market(s) that are more quickly accessed or has shorter sales cycles than others? Some big organization clients have decision processes which prolong significantly the sales cycle. To win the business of some types of clients/market-sectors/product-types, you may need to invest in qualification. In some regions/market sectors, you have much less sales infrastructure than in others.
  • Is there a market(s) that are bigger than others?

Based on your answers to these questions, your marketing and sales core team should evaluate returns and barriers to create a proper sales plan – a plan that aims at increasing business in the short and medium horizon while preparing the ground for bigger sales in the future.

… stay tuned for STEP 3 in Part 10
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Here’s to Maximizing YOUR Profits!
Dr Lisa Lang

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