Increase Sales

Increasing sales is a sure fire way to increase your throughput and is theoretically limitless. My first question is: Are you selling all that you can now? If you are a “make to stock” company, do you ever have the case where you don’t have the product your customer is looking for in stock? If so, you could benefit from DBR Scheduling and Demand Pull to ensure that you always have what your customers demand.

But, let’s say that you have already implemented DBR Scheduling and Demand Pull, and you currently can provide what they want on time. To increase sales you must learn and met your customer’s business NEEDS. New customers are earned over time by understanding the business needs that they have, then customizing your products, services, or policies to meet those needs. In TOC we call this creating a mafia offer. Market Segmentation will be a likely result of matching your offerings with your customers or potential customer’s perception of value. All that being said, sometimes business owners already know that they could earn more business from existing customers or know where that can find new customers. What stops them is cash. To grow sales takes cash and to grow sales a lot takes a lot of cash. So how do you increase your throughput without going into cash trouble?

… to be continued …

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!
By Dr Lisa Lang

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