Q4 Dr Lisa: We find that incentives or bonus programs only useful in a small number of cases. Are management incentives or bonus compensations schemes ever appropriate in your opinion?

Tom: I hear managers, especially in the sales arena decry that their best salespeople are only motivated by money and the best system is straight commission.

Okay. Let’s say, I buy that. Let’s say there are people who are only motivated, or mostly motivated by money. And what’s more, let’s say I need that kind of person on my sales force. I want someone who is willing to work three extra hours every day, make that extra sales call, do that last pitch.

Have you ever met a salesperson like that? I have. And what impact do they have on the rest of the organization? My experience is that they are prima donnas and wreak havoc on the rest of my people and my company culture.


Okay, I need them. But they are not an employee. They are not a team player. They are self-employed. Willing to put their compensation at risk, eat what they kill. So pay them like they are self-employed, on a 1099. And keep them the hell away from the rest of my people..

..to be continued.

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!
Dr Lisa Lang

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