Developing a Mafia Offer is no easy task.  It takes in-depth analysis, and to develop a mafia offer you need to consider 3 things.

–Your capabilities (or what they could be) compared to the competition.
–How your industries supplies product/services.
–The impact your industry’s capabilities and how you supply has on your customers.

As you consider these 3 areas and begin to understand what might be a mafia offer to your customers you must NOT consider that you can’t currently offer certain things. This will stop you before you start.

You may have different offers for your various products/services. To decide which one to develop a mafia offer for first, you can start with the one with the highest T/CU. (See the work book and audio CD Maximizing Profitabilty which covers Throughput Accounting, Goldratt‘s Theory of Constraints)

Once you have an idea for a mafia offer, then you can come up with all the reasons it won’t work, and see if you can overcome every single one of them. What assumptions do you have about why you can’t do something different?

Mafia offers were originally discussed in Eliyahu Goldratt’s book It’s Not Luck.

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