Now that we have our current T/CU for each product/service we calculate the minimum T/CU we need to cover all of our Operating Expenses plus make the profit we want. Here’s how we do that:

Min T/CU = (annual OE + annual profit) divided by annual available constraint units

Operating Expenses (OE) are all the costs that don’t change when you sell just ONE more of your product/service. They are all the costs not captured in the TVCs (Truly Variable Costs) and typically include rents, utilities, selling/marketing, general admin, all labor including direct, maintenance, and warehousing expenses.

To start, you can use your current annual profit, then increase it to see where you need to price to meet your profit goals.

Constraints Units (CU) are the annual number of hours or minutes you have available. So you you work one shift then use the time from one shift times about 70% which takes breaks and other misc downtime.

Now you have 1) your current T/CU for each product (see Part 1) and 2) the minimum T/Cu you need for each product.

…to be continued

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!
By Dr Lisa Lang
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