Theory of Constraints Expert Dr. Lisa Lang Signs Publishing Deal Along With Co-Author Dan Kennedy To Release “Marketing Miracles”.

 Dr. Lisa Lang, expert in applying Theory of Constraints to marketing, has signed another publishing deal with CelebrityPress along with marketing legend Dan Kennedy and a select group of experts from around the world to release the book, “Marketing Miracles.”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Green Valley, AZ – June 12, 2012 – Dr. Lisa Lang has joined a select group of the world’s leading experts from

Marketing Miracles: The Ultimate Market Offer by Dr Lisa Lang, COVER
a variety of industries along with marketing legend Dan Kennedy to co-author the forthcoming book titled, Marketing Miracles: Odd, Unusual, Breakthrough Strategies That Build Great Businesses. Nick Nanton, Esq. and JW Dicks, Esq. of CelebrityPress are excited to publish their second book with Dr Lisa and are anticipating her 3rd best seller.

“Dr. Lisa” Lang is a renown Theory of Constraints (TOC) expert and is the foremost expert in the world for applying Theory of Constraints to marketing. Dr. Lisa is regularly sought out for her expertise on developing market offers that increase sales. She has been named a 2012 Trendsetter in the USA Today for her work helping highly custom job shops and machine shops to become more productive, more competitive and to bring manufacturing back to the U.S with Velocity Scheduling System.  Dr. Lisa has also appeared in CNBC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo Finance to name a few.

Marketing Miracles will feature business and marketing professionals from around the world revealing their top marketing secrets and strategies.  Dr Lisa’s chapter is titled The Ultimate Market Offer – The Mafia Offer. A “Mafia Offer” is an offer so good that your customers can’t refuse it and your competition can not or will not match it. Mafia Offers are NOT unique selling propositions, value propositions or a competitive advantage.  They are not price reductions or based on innovations.

Other topics to be covered in the book include the customer experience, social media marketing, new rules of marketing and analytics, pricing, turning opt-ins into sales and marketing technology, among others. The book is expected to be published later this year.

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Dan S. Kennedy is the provocative, truth-telling author of seven popular No B.S. books, thirteen business books total; a serial, successful, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; trusted marketing advisor, consultant and coach to hundreds of private entrepreneurial clients running businesses from $1-million to $1-billion in size; and he influences well over 1-million independent business owners annually through his newsletters, tele-coaching programs, local Chapters and Kennedy Study Groups meeting in over 100 cities, and a network of top niched consultants in nearly 150 different business and industry categories and professions.

About Dr. Lisa Lang:

As the President of Science of Business, Dr. Lisa invented the Mafia Offer Boot Camp developing over 100 Mafia Offers for fortune 100 companies, as well as, for small job shops.  Dr. Lisa worked with Dr. Goldratt, father of the Theory of Constraints, serving as the Global Marketing Director for Goldratt Consulting. During her tenure Goldratt Consulting was the fastest growing consulting company in the world. She has a Ph.D. in Engineering and is a TOCICO certified expert. She is currently an officer on the TOCICO Board of Directors.  Before becoming a consultant, Dr. Lisa worked for Clorox, Anheuser-Busch, and Coors Brewing.

To learn more about Mafia Offers and how you can create your offer in a 2.5 day Mafia Offer Boot Camp visit and check out Dr Lisa’s bestselling book Mafia Offers:  Dealing with a Market Constraint. Email Dr Lisa at

About Celebrity Press™:

Celebrity Press™ is a leading business book publisher that publishes books from thought leaders around the world. Celebrity Press™ has published books alongside Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Dr. Ivan Misner, Robert Allen and many of the biggest experts across diverse fields. CelebrityPress™ has helped launch over 600 best-selling authors to date.



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