SERVICE COMPANIES! I’m looking for 5 service companies to test our Project Velocity System starting sometime TBD in March. You know the 5 circles demonstration I do in my Maximizing Profitability workshop? — this is the version for service companies!

It’s a combination Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints Drum Buffer Rope and Critical Chain Project Management aimed at service companies.

You will get $1000 off the $4995 price and a longer free trial of the software. The software is web based and allows you to coordinate geographically distant resources. If you do project based work, but not super complex (like building airplanes) then you may be a candidiate. Examples include: engineering firms, design firms, marketing companies, software, web design/SEO services, recruiting, internet marketing, and a whole bunch more. If you want to be considered, please reply to this email and tell me a little about your company and why I should choose YOU for this test! To get an idea of how the manufacturing one works, see and this one will be similiar but include software.

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