The annual TOCICO conference is in Japan this year and it’s proving to be a very big deal. If you are a Theory of Constraints consultant, practitioner, professor, software provider, or just interested in learning more — you should not miss this event.

Let me tell you why.

First of all, even though it’s in Japan, it will cost about the same as attending last years conference in Las Vegas. Room rates are actually lower than Vegas – including breakfast. Airfares from the US are around $800. So the cost is affordable.

Second, there will be not one, but FOUR Living legends presenting!

Dr. Eliyahu M Goldratt is once again kindly donating his time to the TOCICO for a two day upgrade for members. Dr. Eli Goldratt will also close the conference with his provocative thoughts on the future. The opening keynote will be by the Director General of the largest of the government agencies in Japan – the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism. The MLIT director general will talk about TOC acceptance and a remarkable success case and future on-going Kaizen efforts using CCPM. This approach has created a win-win-win public works management transformation that is good for the taxpayer, good for companies and good for the government. The impact of TOC on the country of Japan is so significant that immediately following the TOCICO conference there will be a MLIT conference in the same hotel. The TOCICO is a major sponsor for this conference and has arranged so that you can attend this half day conference at no additional charge – 5 days of conference for the price of 4! Plan on staying through November 20.

At that MLIT conference, we are honored this year to be joined by one of the last living students of Dr. Taiichi Ohno. Mr. Ohnishi, is currently Chairman of Chubu Quality Association. This is the association that annually awards the highly coveted Deming award in Japan. He was the executive managing director Toyota. Mr. Ohnishi will be presenting “Lessons from Dr. Ohno, father of Toyota Production Systems”

Mr. Suehiro Nakamura, past executive vice president of Sony and a direct student of the two Sony founders, Mr. Akio Morita and Mr. Masaru Ibuka has agreed to present “Lesson learned from two founders Sony, Akio Morita, Masaru Ibuka –Total Value Stream Innovation to make win-win-win holistic supply chain management”. He will show us how he managed holistic supply chain management in Europe and Thailand with was amazing results including having only 7 days of inventory – not only within Sony but including all retail stores including small shop) bring win-win-win to whole supply chain which he calls “value stream”. You can also visit the Sony museum!

Airfares are at the lowest level in years. When you check, you will discover that you can get a round trip to Tokyo for under $900. The hotel room cost is lower than the cost at the 2009 TOCICO International Conference in Las Vegas. The conference fee is the same as 2009. Even in this tough economic time, this is a trip that will payback quickly. Can your company afford to miss this opportunity?

And my favorite part of these conferences is networking with all my TOC friends and meeting new ones. If you decide to go, please let me know so we can meet up!

The 2009 dates:
November 15—Certification exams
November 16 & 17— Dr. Eli Goldratt will conduct a TOC upgrade workshop for TOCICO members
November 18 & 19—Keynotes and breakouts
November 20—MLIT win-win-win conference at the same hotel. TOCICO conference attendees are cordially invited to attend the MILT conference on Nov 20 at no additional charge and hear Mr. Ohnishi, Chairman of Chubu Quality Association, ex-executive managing director Toyota, “Lessons from Dr. Ohno, father of Toyota Production Systems”

To register, please visit

Hope to see you there!
Dr Lisa

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