Do-it- yourself ‘Viable Vision’

Brad: “If a business owner wanted to grow the bottom-line of their company at the fastest rate possible, what would he or she have to do?  And is there a way for them to do it themselves?

Dr. Lisa: “Get operations ‘perfect’, and increase sales without a proportionate increase in fixed costs.”

Brad: “And what kind of improvement is possible, say for a machine shop?”

Dr. Lisa: “We call what is possible ‘Viable Vision‘. It varies for different types of businesses, but the results that are possible are bigger than most business owners dare imagine. One definition of Viable Vision is to ‘turn your sales level into your profit level in four years or less’.”

Dr. Lisa: “Another definition is to increase the percent return-on-sales to a level that the owner, at the outset, would definitely agree is unrealistic. For example, a business that has hovered around breakeven can easily have a 20% return-on-sales, but the owner probably thinks this is unbelievable. And it doesn’t matter how small or large the company is; it’s possible. The amount of TVCs a company has, as a percent of sales, will have an impact on how long it will take. But it is possible.”

Brad: “So what you’re saying is a business with $2 million in sales could have $2 million profit by the middle of 2013. Or $10 million sales into $10 million profit. Have you forgotten about the recession?”

Dr. Lisa: “The recession just highlights the importance of sales. A business with an offer ‘too good to refuse’, what I call a ‘Mafia Offer’, will grow sales in any economic conditions. We have experience with companies that traditionally had a ‘hit rate’ of less than five percent, increasing that to well over 50%, while reducing their sales cycle time.”

Brad: “What do you mean by ‘perfect’ operations?”

Dr. Lisa: “When we develop a Mafia Offer, there is a need for operations to be very reliable. By ‘perfect’, I mean it must be a rare occurrence for the company to miss a due-date commitment or whatever the offer promises. A Mafia Offer is backed up with a solid guarantee, in the form of a self-imposed penalty for non-performance of the offer, so if we’re late, for example, we might be giving the customer the order for free.”

Dr. Lisa: “No matter how unreliable a machine shop might be now, they can become 100% on-time in a very short period of time, like two months.”

… to be continued.

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!

Dr Lisa Lang

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