Do-it- yourself ‘Viable Vision’ continued …

Brad: “Most businesses find that their fixed costs increase nearly proportionately when sales increase.  It seems that for ever $1 that sales increase, so do costs.  How is this avoidable?”

Dr Lisa: “Yes, and some gleefully hit a sales goal only to notice that profits have decreased due to having to increase fixed costs to meet the goal.”

Dr. Lisa: “By leveraging the resources they have. There needs to be a monitoring system for the performance of operations. By determining the reasons why due-date commitments are threatened, actions can be taken-using lean and six sigma tools-to improve performance, normally without adding resources.”

Brad: “Can a small business owner lead this kind of improvement process?”

Dr. Lisa: “Sure. The companies going through the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program are doing that now. They are getting to 100% due date performance in about 2 months WITHOUT a consultant camped in their conference room and at a fraction of the price. Next, those companies will participate similarly in an on-line version of the Mafia Offer Boot Camp. The combination of those 2 programs will get those companies on their way to a Viable Vision.”

Dr Lisa: “Actually, having the owner and his/her executive team really drive Viable Vision kind of improvement is the only way to go. They just need a proven process and little coaching so they know how to apply the concepts to their situation along the way.”
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Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!

Dr Lisa Lang

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