Brad: Aren’t customers the real problem? Supplying incomplete information to the engineers, late?
Dr. Lisa: Blaming customers won’t solve the problem, although what you say is often true and they are a large source of variability.

Brad: So what is the real problem, and what is the solution?
Dr. Lisa: The real problem is how engineers do what they do. (It’s typically NOT that we need more engineers.) But it isn’t just the engineers, it is all of us. It is how projects are managed. We allow some bad assumptions about the best way to manage projects significantly deteriorate our project performance. It is true everywhere around the world.

Brad: For example?
Dr. Lisa: For example, the idea that there is good multi-tasking. Multi-tasking has a terrible effect on engineering. Engineers must finish projects, and that means they need to 1) know which projects to focus on and 2) work on finishing those, rather than starting all of them. Projects need to flow quickly through engineering. But that is just one example. I have a white paper on the subject called Information Overload Destroyer that can be downloaded at Information Overload Destroyer for additional examples.
Brad: So what is Project Velocity System, and how does it help?
Dr. Lisa: In Project Velocity System Coaching Program, I will take the people involved with managing and doing projects through 10 sessions followed by 10 coaching sessions aimed at getting immediate improvement in project delivery: On time, in scope, and within budget. In other words, we will focus on getting a job ready for manufacturing BEFORE they need it.
Brad: I thought that in project management, if you’re lucky, you only got to pick two of the three. Of course, with a lot of projects, you get one or none. It’s not unusual for projects to be late, with scope sacrificed, and way over budget.
Dr. Lisa: That’s reality without a process, but with the right process, you can ensure that engineering is not and will not starve manufacturing. And this can be accomplished by the end of the Project Velocity System Coaching Program and most often without hiring a single additional engineer.
Want to improve your engineering and project management performance? Go to Project Velocity System to learn more and sign-up for the next available program. Want to talk about it? Just give us a call or send an email.

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Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits (and selling price of YOUR business)!

Dr Lisa

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