TOC is a large body of knowledge. It’s very holistic.  Underlying all of it, though, are a set of thinking processes.  If you understand how to think, you can derive any number of the Theory of Constraints solutions.

TOC Thinking is a process to recognize, verbalize, and challenge assumptions (through the use of visual tools).

There are assumptions everywhere. Some are correct and some are incorrect.  Want to communicate better? Be really clear about assumptions.

Have you ever given instructions on what you wanted done and then been surprised or frustrated about things turning out differently than what you expected? That’s assumptions at work.

3 Definitions of Assumptions:

  • Accepted cause and effect relationships, or estimates of the existence of a fact from the known existence of other fact(s). [from]
  • The act of taking for granted, or supposing a thing without proof; supposition; unwarrantable claim. [from 1913 Webster]
  • Assumptions are beliefs or ideas that we hold to be true — often with little or no evidence required. [from HyperTextBooks]

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