Last time (on Friday) we talked about offering a discount to our customers if they paid on delivery.

What kind of discount could you offer to get cash back into your system faster so that you could make more money? Before you answer that question, also consider that 1) you need to be able to sell the additional products so that you can benefit from the faster cycle. If you offer a discount, get the cash back quickly, but don’t have another order, then this strategy is not a good idea for you. 2) If you have other sources for cash, like a line of credit, you may be better off to use that than to use deep discounting. You’ll want to compare the Return on Investment of each. 3) However, if your cash is close to becoming a constraint, and you have no borrowing options, this idea could keep you in business.

A 20% discount for 42 days is an interest rate of 174%. But the cost of money is less important than the availability. Obviously you would not do this if cheaper money was available.

When we have used this type of offer to recover from a cash constraint, we let customers know that it was an offer we were testing to determine customer interest and that it may not be a long-term offering. This will give you the option of discontinuing the offer once you have another source of cash to grow your business.

…. to be continued …

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!
By Dr Lisa Lang

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