If I am one of your best prospects, what would you say to convince me to do business with you? If you didn’t write down your answers yesterday, do it now BEFORE you read on.

Here is a list of the typical answers:

§ We provide great customer service
§ Our quality is outstanding
§ We innovate and/or help our customers to innovate
§ We have great employees
§ We deliver results
§ We have a very knowledgeable staff
§ We are responsive to our customers’ needs
§ We have a great reputation
§ Our customers trust us

Don’t your competitors say the exact same thing? All good companies have these qualities or they wouldn’t be in business for long. I call this the “blah, blah, blah” answer because that’s what it sounds like to your customers and prospects.

A mafia offer is NOT a list of strengths, a cliché, subjective, or offered by the competition. In addition, it is sold differently. When you have a mafia offer, you are making a business proposal. Everything changes.

“Create a market offer so good, that your customers can’t refuse it and your competition can’t or won’t offer the same – that’s a “mafia offer”!” — “Dr. Lisa” Lang


By Dr Lisa Lang

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