You will possess a sustainable competitive advantage when you have value-creating products, processes, and services for your customers that cannot be duplicated or imitated by your competitors.

Having a competitive advantage, even a sustainable one, does not necessarily mean that you or your customers and prospects are aware of it. So, there is a need to create an Offer or positioning in the market that clearly states your competitive advantage. We call this an un-refusable market offer or a “Mafia Offer” (this term was originally coined by Dr. Goldratt). A Mafia Offer is an offer so good that (1) your customers can’t refuse it and (2) your competition can’t or won’t match it.

A Mafia Offer is NOT a list of strengths, a cliché, subjective, or offered by competition. In addition, it is sold differently. When you have a Mafia Offer, you are making a business proposal. A business proposal promises substantial improvements for your prospect, and it is appropriate to present at the highest levels of your prospects organization. A Mafia Offer addresses a significant need of your prospect in a way that your competition can’t or won’t.

Developing a Mafia Offer is not trivial, but having one improves closing rates from less than 5% to as much as 80%. Typically, additional sales people aren’t required, but sales funnel management is.

If you are interested in more information about developing a Mafia Offer, and the significant increase in sales and profits it can bring, we recommend you read “It’s Not Luck” by Dr. Goldratt. This book is the sequel to The Goal. It also is an easy to read novel that provides a story for the development of three Mafia Offers. Also, check out our website to hear an example, find out how you can develop a Mafia Offer for your company, and learn about our Mafia Offer Boot Camp.

Next time, we will address managing the sales funnel once you have that compelling Offer.

…to be continued.

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!
Dr Lisa Lang

More information at There are also PRIVATE and On-line Mafia Offer Boot Camps.

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